– So, the Boulevardier
cocktail is bourbon,sweet vermouth, and Campari.You’re getting a kick because
it’s two ounces of whiskey.It’s just a really interesting
take on a cocktail.So, the Boulevardier is
believed to be tradedby Harry MacElhone at Harry’s
New York Bar in Paris,probably around 1923.This is where a lot of famous
Americans would hang out.You know, F. Scott
Fitzgerald, Coco Chanel,guys like Hemingway
would hang out there.During prohibition,
this place became very,very famous for cocktails,so that’s how we have
the Boulevardier.The Boulevardier is just
basically a take on a Negroni,which was made
famous by Bar Casoniin Florence in about 1919.And this is gonna sound
really hard to believe,there is the Count Negroni,
who was a rodeo clownin America, and he
had this bartenderto add a bit of gin
to his Americano,which was made with sweet
vermouth and Campari.This is apparently
how this all started.Here’s how I would
make a Boulivardier.I would use two
ounces of bourbon,and then I would use
three quarter ounces
of sweet vermouth,and then three quarter
ounces of Campari.You’re gonna stir that
in your mixing glass,and then pour that either
into a chilled coupe,or a rocks glass with
ice and an orange twist.Great cocktail, wonderful.I think it’s a
testament to Campari,that it’s been around forever.I can remember the first
time I had Campari,and I remember thinking,
“wow, this is really,“really interesting,
it’s a lot different“than I thought
it was gonna be.”A few people look
and they’re like,“Oh, this thing is
gonna be really sweet,”but it is a bitter.There’s always stories abouthow they’re highly
secretive ingredients.There’s apparently
60 different typesof herbs and roots,
and this and that,but no one really knows.My Boulevardier, I would
do two ounces of rye,three quarter ounce
of sweet vermouth,three quarter ounce of Campari,and then I would
use a quarter ounceof Gran Classico bitters.Stir it with ice, and
then into a chilled coupewith an orange zest, and burn
the orange zest with a match.It’s sort of like a smoke
to it, it’s real nice,plus it just looks really cool.It’s a simple drink to make,but there’s plenty
of ways to make it.It’s hard to fuck up,even if you go a little
bit more on the bitterwith the Campari, or you
go a little bit more sweet,it’s still nice, great
cocktail, really cool.