The steam jacketed kennel is ideal for soups and stocks because it has low temperature, easy control, heavy bar rim, 3/16 liner, emboss gallon markings, and true working capacity. Steam jacketed kettles are ideal for full many restaurants, college and universities, k-12 school food service, correctional facilities, military and business and industry. For those long cooking operations such as soups, stews, and sauces. Factory-based soup stocks and bases do not come close to the flavor that’s in a homemade soup stock. The perfect soup stock starts with fresh vegetables and your meat products. We’re going to make a beef stock today. So the first thing we’re going to do is take the beef bones, place the bones in the center of the oven, set your timer for one hour. To give that deep rich color that you look for in a stock, you want to paint the bones with the tomato sauce or tomato paste. Take a little nip off and just pour it on top this allows these vegetables to sweat and become full flavorful when they go into the stock. Back into the oven for 15 minutes and now I trim my vegetables. Save the trimmings because this is what’s going to make your stock. Okay to make your sachet d’Epices, you take a cheesecloth. You take a few peppercorns, a couple fresh bay leaves, some fresh thyme, garlic, and parsley. You would take this nice little package and wrap it up. Take your butcher string. Put this into your stock just before you start to cook it. Okay the trimmings go into the pot. We take our baked bones and put them in the pot. The key to the perfect soup stock is starting with cold water. You come on you turn the kettle on. Add your previously made sachet into your stock. Make sure your temperature is in a simmer because you don’t want to boil your stock. We have a stock that’s been cooking all night long. Now it’s ready to be strained. Get out your bag and you might want to strain off any of the other impurities that float to the surface. Now I’m installing the pouring lip strainer. This is going to allow me to easily strain the kettle into the storage container. Look at that deep rich color. The next step in the perfect stock is the second straining. You take a fine mesh strainer and there you have it. Ready for the refrigerator, and in the morning the fat will rise to the surface and congeal and can be easily scraped off. It’s very easy to clean. Remove this attached strainer, tilt the kettle, and with the optional hose assembly spray it out in the tilting positions. Add a little water. Turn the kettle on. To get some heat, add some detergent. Bring the water up to temperature and scrub it out. The k-series kettles deliver the quality and workmanship and durability that you expect in a Vulcan-made product.