Now check this out, our KFC potato wedges
are identical in taste, texture, and look! mm-hmm Hi folks it’s Mike would Get My
Tips with another KFC copycat recipe for you. As we march our way through the KFC
menu, we have come to KFC potato wedges. And for those of you who haven’t yet
seen in our other videos on KFC Fried Chicken, KFC coleslaw, KFC chicken tenders,
well, you get the idea. you should check them out. Now if you watch enough
YouTube videos out there. you’ll find a bunch of different ideas on how to make
KFC potato wedges or french fries that involve parfying them parboiling them
and putting them in the freezer for three hours. Well I don’t know about you
but my family’s not going to wait 3 hours for a snack. So we decided when we
reverse engineered this recipe that we were going to make so start to finish
it would take about 15 minutes. Let’s begin by washing our potatoes. Now
we are using russet potatoes because we could get some nice long ones. But we’ll
put them in a bowl of water to remove the excess starch. A great way to get
perfect potato wedges is to use an apple slicer. Now some of the pieces are too
thick, just slice them down the center. And make sure you inspect the potatoes
for any bad spots. We’re going to put these potatoes in boiling water for
exactly 3 minutes. Make sure you add a little pinch of salt. Now check out
this hodgepodge of hieroglyphics! These are the actual ingredients in KFC potato
wedges according to the website. Interesting note the fourth line from
the bottom all the way to the right, you see the word monosodium glutamate. We
know it as MSG. We thought there must be a simpler way to do this, and the good
news is we discovered a single ingredient that you can use to
substitute for all of this. And that happens to be Morton’s
Season All Salt. Now if you can’t find this product at your local grocery store,
you can use Lowery’s seasoned salt it’ll work just as good. And by the way there
is no need to write this list of ingredients down for this recipe because
we will display them on your screen before this video ends. This way you can
pause the video when you are preparing the recipe or when you are shopping for
the ingredients. A great way to get the coating on the french fries is to use a
sealed container with a lid so you can shake it up. We’re going to add some
all-purpose flour, some baking powder, that’s seasoned salt that we talked
about by Morton, and some paprika so we can match the color of the KFC potato
wedges. As you can see we have eliminated a ton
of ingredients. We’ll put the lid on and shake it up. Next we want to add some
eggs and half a cup of half-and-half to a bowl. Now notice we have some oil
they’re heating up. We want to get it up to 350 degrees. After the potato wedges
have been in the boiling water for 3 minutes, we’re gonna take them over to
the sink and put them under some cold water.
We need to chill them down so they don’t cook the egg when we put them in the egg
wash. We’re going to completely coat them with the egg and half-and-half and then
we’re going to drain them and pop them in the sealed container so that we can
shake it up. Next we’re going to put the potato
wedges in the hot oil at 350 degrees for exactly 2 minutes. When the time is up
we’re going to remove the potato wedges, put them on a paper towel, and sprinkle
them with more of that Morton seasoned salt. Make sure you flip the potato wedges
over and sprinkle the seasoning on both sides. Let’s zoom in and have a look at
these dudes. Well as you can see for yourself, we produced a perfect copycat
version of KFC potato wedges at home. Well there you go folks now if you’d
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