Hi, I’m Stephanie Barnett on behalf of expertvillage.com.
Let’s turn this pizza dough into this pizza pie. When making pizza dough you’re going
to need some equipment, you’re definitely going to need a measuring spoon, measuring
cup, a little glass bowl to rise your yeast in, a glass bowl to make the dough in, and
once the dough is kneaded a glass bowl to have the dough rise in. You also need one
a rolling pin to roll it out and you’re going to need a peel to get it in the oven. I use
a pizza stone which is in my oven right now heating up. This is how I transfer the pizza
to the stone, I find that the stone cooks the pizza with a perfectly brown crust. I
like it much better than a pizza tray but if you have a pizza tray you can do that,
you can roll the dough out. You won’t need a peel you just put it on your pizza tray,
but if you’re going to be making a lot of pizzas a stone is much more convenient cause
you can do multiple pizzas. Get it on the stone, get it off, get another one on to where
as you have a tray it is a little more cumbersome.