Hi guys, Duncan here. Let me ask you a
question. Are you interested in how you can make 
more money as a trader in the used equipment and heavy machinery marketplace? Are you interested in getting the best price for your used equipment, heavy machinery or spare parts? No matter what industry you are in, be it construction, agriculture and farm, transportation, forestry or mining. In this video, I am going to reveal the most common mistake that people make and tell you how you can exploit it and pocket more money. What is today’s insider tip and free
give-away? Stick around. At ResaleWeekly, sellers are constantly asking us… “How do I get the best price for my second hand equipment when it’s being sold?” At the same time, Buyers ask us how they can get the best used equipment or spares for repairs, at the lowest price. Trading used equipment, machinery and spare parts is not a science. It is, actually, quite a simple process. Somebody has something another person
wants. The seller tells them about it. The buyer shows interest. They negotiate and eventually they agree upon a price. The buyer and seller to go away happy. End of story! It’s simple!! Then, why do so many people get this so wrong? That’s a good question! Regardless of which marketplace you use, such
as classified ad publications, online classified websites, auctions, dealer inventory, or through private sale… there is one
thing that true professionals exploit when they buy or sell. “What is that?”, you ask. Simply a clear,
complete and accurate description, together with a set of good images of
the item for sale and this is where many mistakes are made. When the seller
gives the right information in the best possible way the more likely they are to close the
deal with the least effort, in the shortest amount of time, and at the best price. Today’s insider tip is based upon the
principle of the Effect of Presentation on supply and
demand. This is one of the most important and yet highly overlooked
opportunities and many sellers get this wrong. Poor images, descriptions, contact details, etc. undermines
credibility. This results in fewer leads. Fewer leads produce fewer offers. Fewer
offers reduces the price. When supply is high and demand is low, the power shifts away
from the seller to the buyer. If you are a seller you need to do your very best to
maximize the attraction. Many sellers in this industry make the
mistake of poorly presenting what it is they want to sell. If you’re a buyer conscientiously pay attention to the
manner which the seller presents their equipment or machinery. Use their presentation mistakes to your advantage. Poor product descriptions and images open doors to challenging
negotiation because if the seller has done a poor job of generating interest
in their equipment they are less likely to attract attention. That’s going to lead to fewer firm offers. It’s basic economics.
A good or poor presentation affects the dynamics of supply and demand. The lower the demand, the lower the price. When you click on the link below, you’re
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