Change clothes and got out to buy food. Suddenly, I really want to drink milk tea, Eat hot pot. Try the six-step washing technique online. First, rub out the bubbles. Wash hands and back across. Wash hands. Clean finger joints. Clean thumb. Rub the palm with your fingertips. Finally, wash your wrist at last. Perfect. Change into a clean leisure wear. It’s a bit early. I should make a cup of milk tea at first. I will eat hot pot at dinner. Black tea bag. Turn off the heat and simmer it for 4 minutes. No light milk. So I pour the pure milk. Condensed milk.
It will be tastier if the brown sugar is added. But in the time of emergency, I can just use the ingredients that I have in the fridge. Milk tea There seems to be something missing. that’s it. Devein and remove the shell. Smash it. Use a knife with the flat back to chop shrimp into mud. Egg white, salt and white pepper. A little cooking wine. Stir hard in one direction until the chopsticks stand up. Shrimp paste. Pork, salt and Sichuan pepper. Marinate it for 15 minutes. No starch. So I use the flour. Eggs, peppercorns, salt. Wrap in batter. Fry them until golden. Fry them again over the high heat. Crispy Meat. Fortunately, I have an extra helper. Light soy sauce and the oyster sauce. Salt Add water and stir until absorbed. Pepper and starch which is replaced by the flour. Pour oil for Locking the moisture. Spicy beef. Cross. Pour the boiling water. Fry them.
Ginger, garlic and Peel it and cut it into cubes. Stir-fry tomatoes until the tomato becomes soft. Ketchup. Pour the boiling water. Tomato slices, onion and rock candy. Soup-stock with the tomato flavor. Don’t waste the rest of the ginger, shallots and garlic. Soup-stock of hotpot. Pour water. Soup-stock with spicy flavor. Beef. Add the essence that is the tomato soup. Noodles with tomato and beef.
Chopped scallions. Finally, I eat the hotpot. I’ve been thinking of hot pot for a long time. I’m moved. I think I will not go out for buying food for a week. You should be careful. Avoid the virus. Go out less and make more delicious food at home. Eat well and sleep well. I hope spring come soon And the epidemic comes to an end. Let’s go out and sunbathe together.