Hello everyone, myself Beena and you are welcome to my channel Tangy Kitchen Today I will show you how to make Gajar Ka Halwa Which is favorite among all age of people It is easy and quick to make at home Today will make it in pressure cooker So that it can be made more quicker Lets start making halwa Ingredients : MAWA – 250 gm CARDAMOM – 6-7 ( powder ) CASHEW NUTS – 12 chopped ALMONDS – 12 chopped RAISIN – 15 SUGAR- 250 gm GHEE – 1/4 cup CARROT – 1 kg Lets start making halwa Put cooker on gas Halwa can be made instantly with cooker Add grated carrots Add sugar Close lid Turn on gas on high flame Cook for 2 whistles Then turn off gas After 2 whistle , I have turned off gas Release cooker pressure and let it cool down Lets open it Turn on gas on high flame Cook till water gets burnt out Now water is burnt out Bring down gas flame to low i have burnt water on high flame and cooked for 5 minutes Add grated mawa Mix well Add ghee Add raisins Add cardamom powder Add chopped cashew nuts Add chopped almonds and mix well Halwa is ready. Turn off gas Transfer it to serving bowl Halwa is ready and served in bowl Garnish with cashew nuts It is really very delicious in taste You try this recipe at home and give you feedback in comment below Gajar Ka Halwa is ready for mouth watering taste You sure try this recipe at home If you like my video then please give LIKE SHARE with your fiends SUBSCRIBE my channel so that you can watch upcoming recipe videos Give your feedback in comment below Will meet you again, till then see you for now. Thank you..Bye.