♪ [music] ♪ – [Simon] Ready made energy bars,
a fantastic fuel for cycling, but if you want to make your own,
however, you could try this secret GCN recipe. Now, it’s based around
oats which are fantastic fuel for cycling that’s why everyone seemingly uses
them in their energy bars. Now, there are reasons for that, partly because
they’re a great source of slow-release carbohydrate. They’ve also got quite a
high proportion of protein in there and fat as well, so it’s a really good
all around source. And then finally, they’re also really robust so that they
travel well, so they’re not going to come apart or get squished in your pocket.
Now, first of all, we start by making a mixture that’s going to bind our energy
bars together. So, take a medium sized pan and put it over low heat. Then we
need to start with adding some oil. I’m using sunflower oil because it’s
relatively flavorless, and it’s also cheap, but you can use whatever oil you
want. I know everyone has their different preferences regarding health and whatever
else. Then we need to add some sweetness because obviously oats have got good
slow-release carbohydrates, but they’re not very sweet, so we’re going to add
some soft dark brown sugar, nice kind of caramelly kind of flavor. Then we’re going
to add two tablespoons of golden syrup. Now this is mega sweet, this stuff, and
it’s not terribly good for you, but it’s really good at sticking the bars together
which is quite an important consideration. So two tablespoons of that go in, nice.
You need to give it a good stir to mix this all in. It won’t come together
straight away, but it looks seriously good even now. Now, we also need to add
what I think is the piece de resistance which is some peanut butter. It stops
the energy bars being too sweet sweet and cloying, so stick about a
tablespoon in. It’s got like a real nice kind of salty edge to it, so the bars have
just got a little bit of extra something there that tastes good. This peanut butter
hasn’t got any sugar added actually. It’s good quality stuff, so I think that
helps. Cheap peanut butter has loads of sugar in it, not feeling that. Right,
so stick that in, melt it all up. Then we’ve got like a base for the energy
bars. We’ll also add in just half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, throw that in
as well. So that’s our binding mixture. Now I’m going to start throwing some
extra stuff in there. I’ll start with the sultanas, cheap good source of simple
carbohydrate and it also tastes pretty good. Also, add some flaked almonds,
good source of high quality fat, a bit of protein. Likewise, we got a
mixture of sesame seeds and sunflower seeds there. So we’ll throw those in,
making sure we keep mixing that together. Add in some chopped dates which I prepared
early on. This is seriously good great ingredient. We’re almost ready for oats
now. That’s coming together nicely., and then finally, we start adding the
oats, so just a little bit at a time so that it doesn’t become unworkable,
because it gets quite stiff. And for me, that’s just too much for my
little puny cycling arms to deal with. And if you really struggle with puny
cycling arms, you can always get a friend to help you out. A little bit more. The
other problem is stirring this for too long, because it gets really difficult not
as you just start eating it, because right now, it tastes bloody good. Okay, so
that’s all blended together now. We’re just going to add the
mixture to a baking tin which is like a brownie tin. Outline it with a
paper baking parchment, so we can get it out easily. Now, this next bit is really
important, okay, because you need to press it down really thoroughly. Otherwise, your
energy bars are going to disintegrate, so you need to pack it down with a
metal fork I find is the best implement. Right, let’s throw this in the oven now.
Gas mark four which is about 180 degrees Centigrade which is about
350 degrees Fahrenheit. So we just throw that into the oven, and we need to
keep our eye on it, but it’s going to be 10 to 15 minutes really depending on how
hot your oven is. We want it to look kind of golden brown on top. We don’t want
it underdone because then it’s going to disintegrate. We don’t want it overdone
because then it gets chewy or burnt, so now we’ll just have to sit and wait. In
the meantime, you can maybe just lick the spoon. Yeah, those are looking
good. There they are finished product, well, nearly finished. Obviously
they have to be left to cool now. They’re pretty much stuck in there right
now. They’re also quite fragile still, so when they’re cool, they’ll harden, and
then we can cut them into our energy bars but it is a long wait. They look really
good. Right, so, these are now cooled. You just need to take them out, and
then they’re ready to get sliced up. You can obviously make them as
big or small as you want. Okay. Don’t exactly know how many calories are
in this, so if you’re calorie counting, it’s pretty best to go steady,
because look at the ingredients, there’s a lot in there. The other thing
to bear in mind, it tastes good, is that because they taste so good, it’s a
danger that you’re going to have to ride for 30 hours a week just to actually
satisfy your desire for eating these things. For more cycling related recipes,
subscribe to GCN. That is actually really good, like genuinely really good. – [Woman] Anything that’s bad, and with
all fruits that has a stone inside, you can, like, twist them. This one is very
ripe. You can open them, and then you can basically just peel it out like that.