(LYNN) I’m Lynn Chen and…(LESLIE) I’m Leslie Durso (BOTH) OK we just talked over each other, OK we do it one more time. (LYNN) Jinx! (LYNN) We love cooking together, don’t we Leslie? (LESLIE) And we love traveling and we are out of town at the same hotel for the same event and what more fun could we have than challenging ourselves to cook breakfast in our hotel room? (LYNN) We’re gonna do it! (LESLIE) So I am gonna take this little coffee pot, and I’m going to make some oatmeal in it. Are you ready for this? (LYNN) Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! (LESLIE) OK so what we’re going to do is we’ve put just under 2 cups of water in our coffee pot. We’re going to pour that up here. (LESLIE) Most hotel rooms come with tea! And so we’re going to flavor it with tea… (LYNN) Let’s do chamomile, if they have chamomile… (LESLIE) Yes! They have chamomile so we’re going to make chamomile oatmeal tea. (LYNN) They have chamomile! (LESLIE) We’re going to put our packets – two of us – two servings. Two packets into the coffee pot. (LYNN) Two! Oatmeal for two. (LESLIE) We’ve got our water, our tea, our oats, and we’re just going to turn it on, and let it go. Let it go. (LYNN) Magic. Magic is about to happen. (LYNN) It’s very important to use instant oatmeal for this, cause if you have regular oatmeal it’s going to take much, much longer. (LYNN) OK, ready for the toast? (LESLIE) I’m ready, are you ready? (LYNN)This is such a carby breakfast…we’re on vacation, it’s fine. (LESLIE) We’re on vacation, it’s totally – carbs on vacation don’t count. (LYNN) And look what I have: a whole loaf of bread. (LYNN) Let’s go right into the middle, where the good stuff lives. (LESLIE) OK. You’re that person. (LYNN) I am that person. (LESLIE) Yeah. I’m not that person. (LYNN) So you’re going to want to make sure that there’s no water in this so it doesn’t start steaming. (LESLIE) That would be bad, you don’t want steamed toast. (LYNN) Who wants steamed toast, guys? (LESLIE) You want it to be on the linen setting… (LYNN) Which is the highest setting. (LESLIE) Yeah, you want it to be super, super hot. (LYNN) Could we use towels to prop it up, do you think? (LESLIE) Sure. She’s like a hotel… (BOTH) MACGYVER! (LYNN) The bread goes dancing onto the hot iron. Leslie, how long are we going to leave this on here? (LESLIE) It depends on your iron, but probably about 5 minutes for each side. I know that’s a long time for a piece of toast… (LYNN) That is a long time. (LESLIE) …but how often do you get to make Iron Toast? (LYNN) Never. (LYNN) It just sighed. It just sighed as if to say, “OATMEAL.” (LESLIE) “I’m ready. I’m ready.” (LYNN) Cup it up. (LESLIE) Luckily we’ve got some nice mugs here. (LYNN) Sanitized. We know because it’s wrapped in plastic. (LESLIE) And something else that I love when I travel is little boxes of Craisins or Raisins because they give you nice fiber. Everybody needs fiber when they travel. (LYNN) And they’re a fun little musical instrument. (LYNN) Hey, look at that creamy goodness! (LESLIE) Isn’t that, look at that – how creamy and delicious that is. (LYNN) This is bonkers. Blowing my mind. (LESLIE) Right? OK. So let’s serve this up. (LYNN) And then, we swiped these from somebody’s room service tray in the morning. (LESILE) They’re unopened – they were done with their breakfast, so why not take them? (LESLIE) Wait, you need a stir stick. OK, see that’s the glory of being in a hotel room they give you all these little things that you can use for stirring, and napkins… (LYNN) Fits perfectly into this jam jar. (LYNN) Ironing toast. This is totally normal. (LESLIE) Totally normal. (BOTH) Toooooast! (LESLIE) A little jammy jam? (LYNN) Yeah. I’m going to turn this off to prevent a fire hazard. (LESLIE) Ta da! Cheers! (LYNN) Cheers! Breakfast in a hotel bed… …without ever leaving your hotel room.