So today’s video is on how to do a good basic tap swing. The tap swing is you are going to hollow in the back, arch through the bottom and kick through hollow, and swing and hop your hands hollow arch hollow But before we get into the tap one of the most important things is that you adjust your grip or hop your hands in the back part of your swing So when you are swinging on the bar after you swing in the front and are swinging in the back if you don’t adjust your hands you may slip off and land on your stomach So as you come up in the back you are either going to hop your hands and grab with a little bit of an over grip or just regrip the bar a little bit. Without focusing on the tap I’m just going to show you an exaggerated way of hopping your hands. But you can also just regrip the bar by rolling your wrists and getting a better grip on the back swing. Next we’re going to do what’s called a beat swing.  We are actually not going to swing yet We are just going to stay still and you are going to hit this hollow position and this arch position back and forth And once you feel comfortable regripping or hopping your hands in the back, you can put that together with these 2 positions of the beat swings hollow arch hollow We are going to hollow in the back arch through the bottom and kick through hollow in the front swing back up hop your hands and hollow arch hollow and you should have a good tap swing.