– What’s up? Elite THENX athletes. It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another
video of Official THENX. Today I’m gonna show you
how to jump on the bar. ♫ Listen Alright so let’s get started. So last video, I showed you
guys how to start freestyling with some first basic moves. Now I’m gonna show you guys a new move that you’re gonna be able
to add into your freestyle. I’m gonna show you guys
how to jump on the bar. But before yo begin to
learn this move right here, it’s really important that
you passed the requirements in order to start learning this exercise. You don’t wanna start learning
this exercise prematurely and then you’re gonna
have to be struggling through each progression
learning how to do this because you don’t have the strength or the technique prior
to start learning this. You wanna focus on just your technique when you’re doing this move. You don’t want to be
struggling while you’re trying these progressions
for the first time. So that’s why it’s super
important that you pass the requirements before
starting to learn this move. And the requirements are, at least 10 muscle ups in a row. Before starting this move
you wanna be able to do at least 20 straight bar dips in a row. And you wanna be able to do
at least 20 burpee in a row. And if you can do all these
requirements comfortably with perfect form, you’re ready
to start learning this move. So I’m gonna start you
guys off with the very first progression to
learning this exercise. And to learn how to jump on the bar, we’re gonna take it down to a lower bar, specifically if you
can find some dip bars. Because the bar in front of
us is gonna come in handy. So the first thing I’m
gonna teach you guys, is how to start popping up onto this bar. So first you have to learn how to pop. So before I break down
this first move for you, let me just show you what it looks like. Okay. So this is what I like to call, like the superman dip, if you will or the explosive dip. So the way to do this exercise, is you’re first gonna start off on the top of the straight bar dip
and you’re gonna lower down to that 90 degree angle,
have this bar right here, right along your hip line. From that position, you
wanna have your feet in front and together, close together. In front of the bar, as well
as your head looking over too. Basically sandwiched on
the parallel bar like this. You’re gonna learn your weight forward. And as you learn this weight forward, your legs staying together
are gonna swing back until your body feels like it’s flat. Once your body feels like
your legs have swing back and you’re flat, you’re
then gonna lift your body straight up by doing the dip. So it’s gonna look like this. (intense music) Now when you come back down, if you come back down
and you do not control the negative coming down, your
gonna find yourself flying underneath the bottom. Kinda like this. Whoa. So if you’re doing something like that, that’s an indicator that
you’re not controlling the negative movement. And controlling the negative
movement is super important when you actually start muscling up and jumping on top of this and trying to come back down
from the top of that bar. So once you can do this move properly, with perfect form. At least, I would say
10 reps consecutively, you’re ready to move on
to the next progression. The next progression is
gonna be the same move but you’re gonna tuck at the end. So this is what it’s gonna look like, Got it? One more time. (intense music) If you guys are just starting off doing this move, you can also
just do them one at a time. And then come right back down. But you definitely wanna control
this movement right here. So just like the superman
dip, as soon as you swing your legs out and you
feel your body getting flat, that’s when you’re gonna start to press from you waistline. As you start to press up and your hips start to go higher, your
gonna tuck your knees into your chest and you’re
basically gonna form like a canon ball at the top and hold your arms
straight out, locked out. You wanna make sure that if you can, try to hold that little
hang-time for a second and then try to come
down, use the negative to come back down and control your body. So like I said, to first start practicing, you can just do it one at a time. And come back down. But eventually to make it
to the next progression, you wanna be able to do
it, staying on the bar, staying on top of the bar, consecutively at least for 10 reps. So it should look like this. (intense music) And that is how you do
that movement right there. So once you can master this exercise, you’re ready for the next progression. So now the next progression we have, is what I like to call bar pop. Now this is probably the
most significant thing you’re going to learn when
it comes to freestyling on the bar especially if you want to be dynamic and explosive. This is how I literally
pop myself up from the bars and how all my movements on the bar, all the explosive movements I do, stem from this technique, right here, with what I’m about to show you. So this is how I basically get these explosive pops off the bar. If you’ve seen me jump on the bar, do these 360’s, do these
back claps and et cetera, these other movements. They all stem from this second thing I’m about to show you right now. So we’re gonna do the same thing as the superman tuck straight bar dip, except that, once we get to the top, and we’re right about to finally tuck, that’s when we’re gonna explode. We’re just gonna push, and
instead of pushing and holding, we’re gonna push and let go. So we’re gonna let
ourselves catch that air. So the first thing I
want you to do is just, feel it out, try it. Get that technique down. Make sure that you’re
not swinging and popping too prematurely, ’cause if you are, you’re gonna go that way
instead of straight up. So you want it to look like this. But you stay right on top. So practice that. (intense music) So if you guys are noticing something, the higher my hips go, when I do this, the higher my body’s gonna go, the move distance I’m gonna
be away from this bar, the higher your explosiveness is gonna be. So, you wanna make sure that, when you swing out, your hips
are leading that movement to go up, not your feet. You don’t wanna banana this
move when you’re going up. Nothing like this. That’s not gonna work. We just have a couple
of progressions left. But once you’ve mastered this, you can do this move 10 times in a row, perfect form, every single time, you’re ready to go for
this next progression. This next progression is
actually getting used to, getting comfortable to
getting your feet up here, jumping on the bar. So, what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna try to do that explosive move, same thing as the progression
we just did before, but except when we get
to that highest point, we’re just gonna try to
tap it with our foot. Get comfortable with getting your foot up and getting it to that level. So it should look something like this. You literally just kick it like that. Try the other foot too,
so you stay comfortable. (intense music) Alright. So once you get very
comfortable with this, the next movement that you wanna do, is you wanna make sure to jump on top. When you do this move, you wanna actually move forward, when doing this move. So as you pop up off the bar, you’re gonna be popping
with a forward momentum. That’s super important when you wanna get on top of this bar. You cannot just pop straight up, or pop and move back,
it’s never gonna happen. You have to be going as
if you’re trying to jump over this bar. Like if you’re trying to jump
over a fence for example. So we’re gonna swing our legs straight, and we’re gonna come right up and we’re gonna pop our feet. Make sure that your hips go high so that your feet have
enough room to clear. Once your feet go right over, you wanna basically pop off
and push a little bit forward, and reach your hands for the bar that’s right in front of you. That’s why doing this
in front of a dip bar, is really important. So, let me show you guys really quick, what it should look like. Pop, grab, boom. So as you can see, my hands were out and they
were reaching out for this bar. Your hands are gonna
automatically be in the right spot to catch your body, and you’re gonna jump on top of this bar perfectly
because of that positioning and the form and technique
that you’re using to perform this exercise right here. So one more time guys. Make sure you pop extra
high with the hips. Push a little bit forward as you come, and have your hands out and ready to catch the bar in front of you. Right? Once you can master this move right here. Jumping on top, and reaching forward, you’re gonna eventually
be able to jump on top, reach forward, and just like me, you won’t have to necessarily
touch and reach out for the bar, you can
just begin to stand up. So, you guys wanna start jumping on, and trying to get used to, jumping on, and not needing the bar in front of you. You could even try to mess around with it. Try to stay once you get on it. Try to stay longer than usual. And once you get really used to it, of course, like I said in the last video, freestyling is kinda like
expressing yourself too in a way so, you can always put
your own flare to it, you can always put your own style to it. What I like to do is, pop it, and then re-position my feet at the top. Well, you get the idea. So basically, master this move right here. Once you do, you’ve basically
learnt how to jump on the bar. All you need to do, is
just learn how to do this, after you go muscle up. Which I’m gonna show you guys right now. Alright so once you’ve been
able to completely master those progressions right there, to jumping on top of the bar, now it’s time to start applying that after you do a muscle up. So what you want to do,
after you’ve mastered those exercises is to start all over again doing those progressions
from the very beginning, but right after you do a muscle up. So for example, the first
progression that we learnt was the superman dip. Let’s do that right after we
do a muscle up, like this. You wanna start being
comfortable with these movements on the bar right here. So it’s very important to
start practicing your reps, doing them consecutively. So once you’ve been
able to master that one, the next one would be, the same thing with the bar tuck. Superman dip, bar tuck. (intense music) Once you’ve been able to master that, you’re ready to start popping off. Now when you first start popping off, you don’t have to do
a crazy pop like that. In fact it’s smart if you
just do a really small pop, do like you’re doing the same thing, let go of your hands for a second, right over that bar. So your hands do not miss the bar. And then grab again, and really control the
negative coming down, like this. (intense music) So, as you can see, those are very small pops. You’re eventually gonna
get the hang of it. You’re gonna be able to hit it harder, hit it higher, get your hips higher, perfect the technique and
you’re gonna be exploding a lot higher. Even if you can explode a
lot higher at the beginning, don’t, ’cause you wanna
really focus on mastering the negative and the comedown. ‘Cause if you don’t, your shoulders are gonna be really weak, you can hurt yourself coming
down with all that weight coming down if you don’t
know how to control yourself, to come from the top, all the
way back down to the bottom. So, really practice those negatives. Alright so we’re almost there. So basically, we’re
perfecting this movement. We’re really taking our time with it, because you don’t wanna mess this move up. Of course you’re jumping on a bar, like seven feet in the air. You really wanna make
sure that you’ve perfected every single step along the way so that, 100% of the time, you land it the same, with perfect form. So once you guys get the hang of that, you’ve learnt the explosive muscle up, you’ve mastered it up there, you’re now ready to actually muscle up, and jump on top of the bar. So remember, this movement
when you’re jumping on top of the bar, you
have to be moving forward. So if you follow these
techniques and you master them, you should be able to jump
on the bar just like this. Alright guys, so thank
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