Hey guys, John here with Realtruck.com. Today
I want to show you how to install the RBP RX3 Nerf Bars onto this 2014, Chevy Silverado.
Got everything laid out here; you can see that these come with everything you need to
get them installed. You have your bars, you have all your bolts, all your washers, your
u-nuts; also you have your rivet nuts and the tool to install the rivet nuts. Everything
you need to get this on including the instruction sheet and a product manual from Rolling Big
Power. Now, some of the really awesome features of this step is it gives you a great way to
get in and out of your truck, looks awesome on the truck; it’s a very uniquely designed
set of bars and the way that these steps are designed, they’re designed to help so that
you don’t slip on these bars when you’re climbing in and out of the truck. So, take a look at
this and you’ll see what I’m talking about, how these actually will grip and there you
go. The next thing we want to do is get these on the truck. What we’re going to do is we got our Nerf
Bar set up here so we can see where we’re going to have to attach it. So what we’re
going to do is we’re going to take our u-nuts and we’re going to attach those onto the body
panels where we’re going to need to put these. So I’m just going to tap that up in there
and place. So that way, it’s set up and ready to go when we start to put these on and then
we’re going to . . . we’re going to do something a little different here. This is where we’re
going to use one of those rivet nuts at, it’s going to go right here but we’re going to
put the rest of these u-nuts on; there’s going to be two of them, it’s going to go back here
in the back. And then what we’re going to do is we’re going
to pull this plug out of here; I’ll have to get a popper to do that and then we’re going
to put another one in here as well and that will take care of all of our catching points.
Then I’ll show you how to put that rivet nut in. We got the plug out of here so now we’re
going to take our u-bolt or our u-nut rather and we’re going to push it in place here and
there we go. That will give us someplace to bolt our back one up to right here. Now what
I’m going to do is I’m going to grab that rivet nut and I’m going to show you guys how
to install that. This is where we’re going to put our rivet nut but as you can see it
doesn’t quite fit in the factory hole there. So what we’re going to need to do is take
a half inch drill bit and just drill that out so that way, our rivet nut will fit in
there. That will work; we’re going to take our hammer, we’re going to tap that in there
and we should be good to good. We got our rivet nut in there, into the hole; we have
our tool that puts it in on there. So the next thing we’re going to do then is
we’re going to go ahead and attach that and the way we do that is to put a wrench on that
nut and then another one on the bolt and you have to hold the nut and crank the bolt. And
essentially what we’re doing is we’re actually crushing that rivet up against the backside
of your rocker panel. Got it tighten down, should be good and crushed in there. So what
we’re going to do is we’re going to loosen this bolt up here. Remove our installation
tool and there you go guys; that’s what it looks like once it’s all set in place and
it’s basically another spot just like on the front that we can screw a bolt into. So there you go, that’s how you do it. Get
that set up there, get this bolt started here. We’ll get our bolt started up here in the
front one. As you can see, we got our bolts all started on our brackets, so the next thing
we’re going to do is we’re going to go through now and make sure that this is all lined up
which it’s pretty much where we want it. So we’ll start tightening everything down and
once we get these all tighten down, we’ll go over and do the one on the other side. That’s how simple, quick and easy it is to
install a set of RBP RX3 Nerf Bars onto your truck and one other really cool thing about
these Nerf Bars is, these look really good on this truck in black but they also are available
in stainless steel in case you want a more shiny chrome look too. So that’s it, the only
thing left to do is get this truck down so you guys can take a look at what these look
like on the truck. So remember; until next time, happy motoring.