Hi, I’m Todd Henderson. Today, I wanna show you how to install the
60-inch blade Putco LED tail light bar on this full-size pickup truck. Now this is an F-150 but the installs gonna
be the same on just about every truck. Let’s go ahead and get started. All right, now before we do the installation,
we’re gonna survey the situation, make sure that we got a good spot to install this bar. Now, what we’re looking for here, we got a
nice flat surface. If there were any kind of obstructions in
the way, we would use these standoffs and actually attach the light bar to the standoffs
and then stick the standoffs to the surface. That way, it clears any obstructions. We’ve got a nice flat surface. We’re not going to use standoffs. Another thing we wanna make sure that you
put into place that’s visible from cars coming behind you and it is not going to block the
operation of the tailgate. So, we’ve got a nice spot down the very bottom. Next, we’re gonna go and take off the tailgate
and install the light bar. Now, this truck has a backup camera, so what
I did is I went ahead and got underneath the truck, disconnected the harness from that
backup camera. That way, when we take off the tailgate, we
just pull it right through the hole. Next, I’m gonna drop the tailgate, hold it
at a little bit of an angle and take a flathead screwdriver and that’s how this comes off. Do the same thing on the other side. All right, so what you notice is on the passenger
side where the tailgate attached to the bed, you’re gonna have a tab and a slot. You wanna raise the tailgate to where the
tab lines up to the slot so you can draw the tailgate out of that bracket. Now, I do recommend having a second set of
hands on the other side just to keep it nice and steady. You don’t wanna scratch anything. And as you pull it out, remember you’ve also
got a backup camera where the harness goes through. You wanna gently pull that out as well. Now we’re gonna clean off the surface of the
bed of the truck where the light bar is going to attach with at least 90% isopropyl rubbing
alcohol. Now we’re also gonna go ahead and clean off
the back of the plastic on the light bar with isopropyl alcohol. All right, now we’re gonna go ahead and apply
some adhesive promoter. Now, at this point, if we were gonna be using
the standoffs, we could actually apply the adhesive promoter to the back of the standoff. But we’re not going to be using the standoffs,
we’re gonna apply the adhesive promoter to the back of the light bar itself. Now, do not use adhesive promoter on a painted
surface. The 3M tape is designed to stick to the painted
surface. When you go to plastic, that’s when you use
the adhesive promoter. So what we’re gonna do is open up the bag. You can use gloves for this if you like. And we wanna let that dry. All right, now we’re gonna place the 3M tape
on the back of the light bar. We’re gonna evenly space that to where we
get good adhesion and make sure we place that light bar with the 3M tape on the spot where
it’s not gonna have a bad bond. Okay now, before we attach this light bar,
this particular light bar, you wanna make sure that the harness is coming out on the
driver side. I’ll go ahead and release the tape protector
from the 3M tape. Now we’re gonna go ahead and hold it up very
carefully, make sure it’s nice and centered and stick it into place. Once we got that in place, we’re gonna bear
down on the areas where we have the adhesive. Make sure we have a nice contact. Okay now, all we have to do at this point,
we can actually just drop this down in between the bumper and the bed, zip tie everything
into place, run this cable up through and then plug it into your four pin and then this
just wires into your reverse light. And that’s all it really has to be done. We’re gonna make a little bit cleaner install. So what we’re gonna do is we first gonna pop
this out to reach underneath. There is a couple of pins and you squeeze
together, these pins right here. When you squeeze these together, the whole
thing just comes right through. So we’re gonna bring this in like so. Now, we’re gonna cut back the insulation so
we have better access to these wires and I’ll show you which wires go where. Okay so, we got all these harnesses, we’ll
never gonna need all of it. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead
and pull this through. All right, and all this back behind will end
up tying that off later. What we’re gonna do is be on the fuse, we’re
gonna use just a little bit of this wire here. We’re gonna cut this and splice this in. Okay, so here’s our trailer hitch wires and
here’s our wires for the light bar. Now, most of these are gonna go exactly to
the same colors they match up to, so brown to brown, yellow to yellow, green will go
to green. But then our black wire will go to our white
wire. And this white wire here will actually go
to the center pin which is a gray wire. Okay, so now I’ve got my white wire from the
harness coming down into my splice connector, then I’ve got the gray wire going through. Now take and squeeze down on the connector
and that cuts into the wires and makes connection between both of them and clip that together. All right, now we’re gonna go ahead and connect
the green wires. And now, I’m gonna connect the brown. Next for the yellow. And lastly, I’m gonna connect the black wire
from the light bar harness to the white wire in the trailer pin harness. All right, now we’re gonna go ahead and tape
up all of our connections. Okay, now that we’ve got this all taped up,
before we insert everything back in place, we’re gonna go ahead and test the operation
of the light bar. All right, check the left turn signal, right
turn signal, hazard lights, brakes and reverse. So now, we’re gonna go ahead and fit these
wires back through. Anything back behind the bumper that’s loose,
we’re gonna go ahead and zip tie in place to make sure it’s nice and secure and then
snap this back in place. Then we can go ahead and reattach the tailgate
and re-hook up the backup camera. Well, that concludes the installation. If you have any questions, call the experts. We’re here to help you out.