Hey guys, John here, with RealTruck.com. Today,
I want to show you how to install the Anzo Scanning LED tailgate light bar onto this
GMC Sierra. All right guys, we’ve got our light bar out of the box and you can see here,
it comes with everything you need to install this onto your truck: your four-way flat plug,
which is really convenient, just plugs right into your trailer connector. If you have a
round-type of trailer connector, there’s also an adapter that’s available for this so you
can adapt this in and then your white wire, which I’ll show you how to install these here
shortly. Your white wire is for your reverse lights and your red one is for constant 12
volt power. Some of the really cool things you can see
here about this tailgate light bar is that it is a six-function, scanning light bar which
means that when you turn your turn signals on, they do that little zip thing where they
go to the side, which is really cool, and those are also in amber. Plus, it also has
your reverse light that we were just talking about which is white, and your brake, your
turn signal, your parking lights, all that are all in this light bar. So, this is a really
awesome light bar. Sixty inches in length, so it’s gonna go across the whole back of
your truck, look really cool. Let’s get this on the truck. All right guys, once we have our area under
our tailgate prepped so that we’re ready to install this, what you want to do is make
sure you just clean it real good with some nice soapy water, dry it, and then use something
like rubbing alcohol and a cotton rag or something like that to clean it up. So, that way, our
tape is going to stick really well to the metal to keep this in place. Now, what we’re
going to do once we have that cleaned up then is we’re going to go ahead and take our light
bar, and we’re just gonna set it up in here to get an idea of the location as to where
we’re gonna want to put it. Okay, so one of the things that we can see
here, on some vehicles now, what you’re gonna deal with is you’re gonna have a lot of space
in between here, so you’re gonna want to take some tape strips and mark where this things
gonna be sitting in here. However, as you can see here on this particular vehicle, there’s
barely even enough room to get our fingers and our light bar in here. So, where we set
it is gonna be pretty much in the center where it’s going to have to go. So, the only thing
we wanna do then is make sure we have it centered pretty much from side-to-side as well and
it looks like that’s gonna be right about where it’s supposed to go, so it look’s like
everything’s gonna fit nicely. The other thing is to make sure, when you’re
putting this on, that this plug connector is on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Otherwise,
you’re gonna run into some problems. Your tailgate light bar, when you put the turn
signals on, it’ll go the other direction. So, make sure you get that over there. So,
we’re ready to go ahead and put this on here now. All right guys, so, we know where we’re gonna
set our bar. So, the next thing we’re gonna do then is we’re gonna peel the backing off
of our double-sided tape, and it’s real easy to do. Just grab a razor knife or something,
or if you’re not normally a mechanic and you actually have fingernails, you can actually
get your fingernails underneath this and pull it loose. But you guys that work on stuff
like I do know that we don’t have any fingernails left. So, we grab something to do this. Real
easy simple thing, just peel it off and toss that outta the way. And then we’ll do the
same thing on the other ones and we’ll get this thing set up in there where it goes. Okay guys, we’ve got our tape off, so now
we’re gonna put this thing in place. Make sure it doesn’t touch the tape itself on there
because we’ll keep your fingers off of that so that way it sticks properly. When you put
this on, guys, don’t go and push this thing on real tight just yet because we wanna make
sure we got it lined up and in place because we may have to move it a little bit and you
don’t wanna have it pressed down on there where you can’t move it. I’m just kind of
lightly pushing on there and flip your tape bars around a little bit and make sure they’re
in place and make sure it’s all lined up right where you want it and then, if it is, which
this one is, you can go ahead and push this down here. Make sure that it’s gonna stick
really good. It’s gonna be right in place where we want it to go. There you go, that’s
the hard part. So, now the easy part is going to be hooking up these wires, which I’m gonna
show you how to do that here in just a second. All right, so now we’re gonna start hooking
everything up. So, the first thing we wanna do is remove our two Phillip’s head screws
that hold our tail light in. Real quick, easy, just unscrew those and then this tail light
will just pop out of here. And then, once we have it out, then we’re gonna find our
reverse light wire which is these down here and we need this white wire. So, what we’re
gonna do then is I’m going to actually unplug this light. There we go. All right. Then,
I’m just gonna set that aside. Okay guys, once we have our reverse light
wire up here, you can see that it’s quite long, so I’m just gonna cut it off here. So,
that way, we don’t have quite so much length on it. Okay guys, I wanna make sure that this
makes really good connections, so I’m gonna strip a little of this wire coating off. This
way, we can get down here to the wire and then just bend it over so that way when we
use our connector we can actually get a good connection on the wire itself. So, we’re gonna
put this on here. Now your light doesn’t come with these scotch locks, so you can get these
at hardware store, parts store, places like that will have these available that you can
get for doing this kind of stuff. Okay, so now then, we’re going to put our
wire for our light bar up inside here and then we’ll take a pair of pliers and clamp
it down here. There we go. That should get us a nice good connection on there so that
way our reverse light’s gonna work just fine. Now, what I like to do, especially if you’re
using something like this on the outside of the vehicle, is I like to take something like
some liquid electrical tape and coat this real good because that’ll help seal this up
keep moisture and stuff from getting in there. We’ll lay a rag down in here, just so we don’t
get this stuff all over the truck and then we’re just gonna take and dab it inside the
holes where this wire goes through. And then just coat this thing really good with this
and that will seal that up so that we don’t have to worry about problem with corrosion. Once that’s done, we can put this all back
together. Get this back in the truck. We’ll plug our light back in, and the put it back
up in here. And then we just have to reattach our screws that hold our light in. And that’s
really, pretty much how easy it is to hook up the reverse light function of your scanning
light bar. Okay, so, the next thing we’re gonna do then is we’re going to take that
red power wire and we’re gonna run that up to the front of the truck and attach it to
a battery. Now, what we wanna make sure is, when we’re running that underneath the truck
that we run it along the frame, use some zip strips, keep it up outta the way and so that
it doesn’t get caught up in anything that’s moving under there. Okay guys, so we’re gonna hook up our power
wire to our scanning light bar, and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take some wire that
we got from an automotive repair store, and this is just a sixteen gauge wire. We’re gonna
use this, and we’re gonna run it along the frame rail of the truck up to under the hood
to the battery. And we’re gonna take some zip strips while we’re under there, zip strip
it all up nice and neat, out of the way so that’s it’s not interfering with any moving
parts under the truck and get that hooked up to the red wire on the harness of our tailgate
bar. So, let’s get that done. And we’re just gonna take and put a butt connector on here
so that way we can connect it up to the red wire of our scanning light bar. Also, one of the things you want to do is
pick up some of these butt connectors as well when you get your wire. And get the type with
the heat shrink because they have a sealer and a glue when you heat them. Not only do
they shrink down around this to help hold it in but they also have a glue and a sealer
cause this is going to be exposed to the elements, so you wanna make sure it’s sealed really
well. All right, guys, we’ve got our red wire hooked up, so all we have left to do then
is just plug our four way flat into our four way flat trailer connector for the truck. Okay, there you go, guys. That’s how quick,
simple, and easy it is to install the Anzo scanning LED tail gate light bar onto your
truck. So remember, until next time, happy motoring.