Whether your towel bar is about to be ripped
from the wall or doesn’t coordinate with your bathrooms theme, replacing your towel bar
is an easy project that brings functionality and design accents to your bathroom. Today
we’re going to show you how to replace and install a towel bar. Here’s a list of things
you’re going to need. A level. A screw driver. Wall anchors. A drill and drill bits. A hammer.
And a pencil. We’re installing a new towel bar because our old one was done incorrectly.
The screws didn’t have wall anchors making the bar loose and the holes too big to reuse.
So before installing our new towel bar we took down the old one and repaired the holes.
Now that we’ve made the repair and have a fresh coat of paint, we can go ahead and install
the new towel bar. The first step is to measure the distance between the top of the towel
bar’s endcap’s top edge to the mount hope. Place the towel bar where you want to install
it. Use the level to make sure the towel bar is perfectly balanced. Now mark the tops of
the bracket using the pencil. Then measure down from the mark using the distance you
noted between the top edge of the endcap and the mount hole. In our case we measured down
one and a half inches from the top marking. Mark a point and know that this is where you’ll
be drilling. Now go ahead and drill the necessary pilot holes to accommodate the wall anchors.
After the wall anchors are in screw in the new brackets for the new towel bar. With the
brackets mounted simply connect the new towel bar, double checking to make sure it’s level.
Alright, now enjoy your new towel bar. We hope that we’ve been helpful and we welcome
you to join us on our next project. For more helpful videos, click the links below and
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