I wanna get one of those, like things under my name that says who I am. I don’t know why they did that …stupid girls… KATE: Hellow! Emily: Connasse stupide Ashlyn: Connasse stupide Emily: She’s vlogging ahahaha I need my cereal She needs some milk! All: Look at all those chickens! Emily, 10 minutes after everyone else: Look at all those chickens! Me: How do you get on the other side? Emily: You just have to run through the traffic. Kate: well that’s what I’m doing Emily: AAAHhhhhhhhhh Maybe we should go slowly instead of like … Me: No no no no no you need to like peg it We just FUCKING RAN You’ve gotta take risks in life Lets get in loads of people’s pictures, as many as we can. ooh look at the naked men Mmmmm YUM! We saw a creepy man We saw a creepy man on the metro! His thing was twitching right in front of me and he had a thing on his bag saying I love Ballbusting and I looked it up and it’s not a thing that I’m interested in. My childhood’s been ruined I’m stuffed! Bit of a DIL, Em Yeah such a DILF Might as well have some fun while we’re here. Shall we wait for her? Nahhhh