Sorry, am I like doing a terrible job at holding this mirror? This is the Beauty Lounge where we learn hacks so easy you can do them lying down. We are here with the absolutely amazing Sophie Simmons who is going to give us her beauty hack to getting the perfect eyebrows. I mean come on! They’re so thiiiick! They’re so perfect! Alright, how do you get those perfect brows? I can show you. Wait, ok. What do you need? I need a brow pencil and a mirror. You mean, a brow pencil and a mirror?! Surprise, surprise! Surprise!! Oh and it’s brunette. Good, because if it were blonde you’d be in trouble. Let’s show our audience what you’ve got. So I start it down the middle from the tip of my nose to get my center. And then you move to one side, you know where your, like, highlight goes in the middle? So like, either side of your highlight is where the tip of the start of your brow should be. So there. And then from your highlight, straight across the middle of your eye should be the point of your brow. That should be where my arch is hitting. Sorry, am I like doing a terrible job at holding this mirror? I’m like.. Can I help you? My eyebrows are just [circles] This is gonna work out. It’s perfect! OK, it’s liiiike that. And then from this little corner right here, from there out the corner of your eye The end should be like where your brow ends. Like that! Oh that’s pretty. And then you kind of just connect the dots from the line you made here. A straight line there. And then you just fill in the box OK, amazing! Let’s see how I do! I’m gonna put it to the lazy, lazy girl trick! Readyyy Because if you can’t do it laying down, shouldn’t do it at all. It’s only lazy for one of us. The rest of this is hard. And then from near the tip of your nose through the middle of your eye. And… perfect! Yeah! Good. Actually your brows are measured really nicely. Alright, we’re turning over! This is my brow after, post Sophie trick. And this is my little bald beginning before! I like it. What’s the one product that you can’t live without? Chapstick. Chapstick? I feel like I’m co-dependent on my chapstick. Have you ever had, like, a crazy beauty treatment? I’ve had some very weird facials. I can’t wait to know about it. It’s some sort of thing that like suctions. your face into this little vaccuum and they like sweep it up. And it goes like [sluuuurp] Wait is it..uh… It like suctions up And it like pulls out all the grossness into like a little… do you know what I’m talking about? Oh I’ve seen that on Instagram actually. It’s terrifying. It’s scary but did it work? It did work It did? I saw the dirt and I don’t know if it was dirt or like, my soul being sucked out. I was like I don’t know, it seems like a lot is coming out! I am absolutely obsessed with your Black Mirror single because first of all, I adore you. You’re an amazing human. But also seeing you branch out and shine in the way you’re shining right now is really special. How fun was it to do the video? Your glam was super minimal and sexy what do you have to say about that? Is that who you are? It was, yeah it is who I am and the video is really about that moment where you’re waiting for your phone to light up and you’re alone in a room It’s supposed to be more vulnerable, we didn’t want the video to be super glam because that’s not what you’re doing when you’re at home waiting for that person. I think everyone wants to know – who has given you more beauty hacks? Your mom or your dad? Oh my mom, 100%. My dad has no idea. I think people misunderstand that. Nothing. You would think, but no, nothing. Like if you need face paint, if you wanna be a tiger for Halloween, he’s got you. Thank you for coming on! You guys, this was The Beauty Lounge with Sophie Simmons! Go check out Black Mirror and stay tuned! Thank you guys for watching! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the Cosmo YouTube channel and don’t forget to tune in to us every Wednesday at 3 pm!