Have you ever had a long layover at an airport and wished there was somewhere you could go to relax Maybe get some free food, free drink, free booze? These places exist, they’re airport lounges and they’re not just for rich people. They’re actually pretty easy to get into. Let’s go check one out. Alright guys i’ve got a few hours to kill here in Mexico City. And i’m going to talk about one of my favorite things in airports. And that’s airport lounges. And now we’re going to discuss the three ways that can get into them. The first way and one I highly do not recommend is actually pay for access. And it costs anywhere from 30 to 50 dollars for a day pass. Not worth your time. Number 2 is if you fly first class or you have status with an airline. They’ll probably give you access to that airlines lounge or a partner lounge. But the third way. And the way i’m going to recommend right now is by getting a priority pass card. And this gets you access to more than 1000 lounges around the world. And it’s an awesome deal. Now there’s two ways you can get a priority pass card. One is by paying for an annual membership. And that can run anywhere between $100 and $400 a year. Again not really going to recommend that. And the other option is through a credit card or through your bank. And the two best methods are with the American Express Platinum card. It’s a pretty good card for business users. But my recommendation for you guys is to get the Chase Sapphire Reserve. I did a nice video about all the perks of that credit card for a traveler. And one of the perks is getting this little guy. The Priority Pass Card. And we’re going to go use it right now to check out this awesome lounge in Mexico City. Alright guys good news and bad news. The good news that was probably one of the top 10 lounges I’ve ever been to. The bad news. They wouldn’t really let me film in there. So I did my best to try to film a couple of little items. But suffice to say. The Grand Elite Lounge in Mexico City is worth your time if you have the Priority Pass card. They had free food, waiter service, free drinks, foot massages. A shower. The list goes on and on. Totally worth your time. And if you do get a priority pass card. I recommend you check out which lounges are available in the airport you’re going to. Sometimes there is more than one. I did my research I knew that this lounge was by far the best one. Uhh so sorry about not getting more footage. But definitley want to encourage all of you guys out there to subscribe to Here Be Barr. We’ve got weekly travel tips videos like this one. Sometimes with more footage. Uhh vlogs as well. Be a part of where you go. Until next time.