well hello there my name is yannick and I will be your Prague guide we are at the Prague Airport vaclav havel airport and in today’s episode we’re going to show you how to get from the airport into the city center of Prague most likely you’re going to end up here at caramel – the situation is the same at terminal 1 from here you have four choices to get to Prague the first option would be a taxi that will cost about 25 euros and will take 37 minutes the second option would be an uber slightly cheaper than the taxi around 15 or 20 euros and there’s also this option of the shuttle bus which will cost you 7 euros and the last option is the public transport it’s the cheapest and the fastest that’s what we’re going to do today follow me by the way don’t you love these and this is our bus to the city centre but before we get on it we need to buy a ticket so you buy a ticket right here you can pay with coins but if you don’t have coins you can pay with credit card yes we’re advanced just push start here we want it to be in English English thank you and we won 90 minute prize 32 crowns about 1 euro 50 and hit pay and there’s our ticket so we’re ready to wait for the bus hi there do not change your money at the airport we’ll get to that later but please don’t do that okay we’ll follow up to this in the future episodes but again do not change money at the airport okay no I mean seriously like you got that right you got it and here comes our boss first thing you need to do when you get on the bus is validate the ticket okay here we go and now it’s good for 90 minutes so we are here at the last stop and let’s transfer to the Metro you have to get off your okay don’t stay on the bus just follow all the people like I wouldn’t know where to go just follow the crowd the ticket is good for the bus for the Metro and for the tram that’s our Metro so you come down the escalator and you go right you know what this says it says do not lean on the door but everybody does it and we’re taking the metro to Moose Tech which is the downtown station so when you get off the Metro at most stations there will be two exits right so you got to decide which way to go that’s what those signs are for and since we’re going to bottle up skin on your seat we’re gonna go that way so here we go guys downtown Prague Wenceslas Square a little over half an hour and 1 euro 50 for the tickets so that’s the public transport from the airport to the city center there’s the museum hey guys thanks for watching make sure to subscribe to our channel because next week we’re going to show you where and how to exchange money in Prague because sometimes that’s a big ripoff make sure to follow our Twitter my Instagram for cool pictures from Prague and final thing I’m going to teach you one Czech word every episode so this episode it’s beer no beer they’ve all that’s what we’re going to have right now one table buy and if you get bored on the metro there’s a coverage of cellphones so you can just wander around you know do whatever you like to do when you’re bored