Hey there I’m Sarah and today I’m going
to be in your New York City guide. Today I’m going to be telling you how to get
from the New York City airports to the city center without getting ripped off.
Today we’re going to be talking about the airports there are three of them
there are JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark. Now when people are coming here they often
ask me which airport do I fly into? Really the answer is whichever one you
get the cheapest ticket. It does not matter. Okay? Remember that. It does not
matter! Today I’m going to be guiding you from each airport to the city center
showing you the cheapest way to get there. Starting with JFK, LaGuardia and
Newark. Now if you’re coming from one of these airports you can skip ahead to
these sections here. But until then, let’s begin our journey going from New York
City’s airports to the city center without spending all the money you have. If your flight flies into JFK, the best
way to get into the city center is actually taking the AirTrain and then
going on Long Island Rail Road. This will only take thirty five minutes and will
cost between nine to fifteen dollars depending on the time of day you go. To
take the AirTrain all you need to do after you collect your baggage is just look
for signs that say AirTrain and follow them. It is normally on the top and if you can’t
find it just ask someone that works at the airport and they’ll be able to
direct you there. Once you get off the AirTrain you’re going to see some
turnstiles. Before you can go into those turnstiles you actually have to buy the
ticket. It’s kind of like they make you pay after you use the AirTrain. It is five
dollars and then you get on the Long Island Rail Road. It is really simple. Once you get off the AirTrain, follow
signs to the Long Island Railroad. It is literally right in front of the
AirTrain drop-off spot after you go to through turnstyles. Then you’re gonna need to
buy a ticket to go to Penn Station. So you’re at Jamaica station, you’re going
to go to Penn Station. This will be about 20 minute ride and the easiest way to
buy your ticket is still use their MTA app. You can get their MTA app right on
your phone. All right? So it looks like this. So you’re gonna enter the ticket
you want to buy here. From Jamaica station to Penn Station. And I’m going to
choose the one-way train ticket and I’m gonna do off-peak because that’s what
time it is now but make sure you check this in advance because your times
change for off-peak and peak. Now I’m going to put my credit card information in and
then to find the ticket you go to your ticket wallet and you click on this and
the important thing to note is do not activate ticket until you are ready to
board. That is really important. One thing I want to note here is if you’re
traveling on a weekend you can actually get the ticket for four
dollars. The way you get the ticket for four dollars is you buy a city ticket
and I’m going to include a link to how to do that below this video.
So if you’re on the weekends you’re really in luck here because you’re
saving a ton of money. So the trains about to come so now I’m going to
activate the ticket. And this is what it looks like and essentially all you do
now is you board the train and then you show the conductor your ticket and it
will reveal a barcode that he’ll then scan. And that’s pretty much it! You just stay
on the train until you get to Penn Station. That’s it! Once you get off the Long Island Railroad at Penn station you’re literally going to be in the
center of the action. You’re gonna be at Penn Station. That’s right underneath Madison Square Garden and in the heart of the city from here you can literally take any
train. You can even go to New Jersey, you can go practically anywhere from Penn Station but this will get you to the center of the city and save you some
money. If you’re coming from LaGuardia Airport, congratulations you have now found my favorite Airport in New York City. It’s only 35
minutes from city centre. That is huge compared to Newark. Plus it only costs
two dollars and 75 cents. Also huge compared to Newark so I guess
when I said there’s no ideal Airport I kind of lied on that because it’s kind
of – it’s definitely not Newark. But LaGuardia JFK they’re cool. Essentially all you do
once you collect your bag here is you’ll just follow signs to public buses and
then get on the M60 bus but first you have to buy a ticket to that and I’ll
show you how to do that right now. Now once you get out of the airport
you’re gonna catch the M60 bus to a Astoria Boulevard.
But before you catch the bus you have to buy a ticket to this. It is $2.75 per way, and you’re going to use the metro card
machine. This is your opportunity to buy a MetroCard and I’ll show you how to do
that but let’s buy our ticket to the M60 now. This is what a MetroCard looks like. Now the steps to buy the
M60 bus are a little bit different than buying a metro card but it’s simple just
follow the three easy steps that are listed right on top of this machine. It’s
very simple people. First I’m going to press “Start”. Next I’m going to put my MetroCard in the machine.
Then I’m going to add $2.75 on it or if you already have money on your MetroCard, like I did, it’ll immediately issue you this ticket. This ticket right here this
is what you put in the bus when you get on it. The bus will bring you to a Astoria
Boulevard. You’re pretty much halfway there already by that point. Also the
thing about the M60 bus is that it varies on the times it comes but it
comes quite frequently. It can come between eight minutes and thirty minutes
depending on the day and the time of day so just look at the schedule I linked it
below and plan your trip ahead. You just arrived in New York and the
cheapest way to get around here, and the most efficient, is doing the MetroCard
subway system. Taking a taxi it can be easier if you’re traveling throughout
boroughs but other than that just take the subway. This is how you get one. Ok,
so you’re gonna hit “start”, select your language, just do “standard metro card” first and that you’re going to have to do “get
a new card”, now if you’re here for five days or more I recommend doing an
unlimited MetroCard. Ideally the 7-day pass is the best one you can get. This
allows you and only you, so if you’re going with a group
each one of you has to buy an unlimited card, to have unlimited rides. Now a 7-day
pass is a $32, which you’ll easily breeze through. Normally if you swipe each one
individually it’s $2.75 so if you imagine you’re taking two rides a day you’ll get
your money’s worth with this. So once again if you’re coming here for five
days or more, please to an unlimited MetroCard. Then you can buy with cash, ATM,
or credit. Once you get off the bus you’re gonna walk to the Astoria
Boulevard subway station. The “N” and the “W” train come here, and you’re going to take that to Queensboro Plaza. Once you get on the “N” or the “W” train
you can take it here to Queensboro Plaza this is where you need to catch the 7
train. It’s the purple one. By the way New Yorkers only referred to
trains in the numbers not the colors. This one you take to Grand Central which
is four stops away or if your hotel is in Times Square you can take it to Times
Square. Essentially, at this point, what you need to do is figure out which subway stations are near your
hotel and then change your route depending on that. You can do that by
looking on Google maps. Once you arrive at Newark you’ll notice
that there’s actually three terminals in this Airport, it doesn’t matter which
terminal you’re at because the shuttle bus will pick up at all of the terminals.
All you need to do is head down to level one, that’s where I am right now, and I’m
going to go outside and catch the bus from here. There it is the Newark Airport Express. It’s right here. This is where you pick it up. All you gotta do is show them your ticket
it’s on your phone. Make sure you buy your ticket in advance, online. If you go
to NewarkAirportExpress.com you can buy the ticket. A roundtrip ticket is
$30 and one-way is $17. You can do text me the code and they’ll text you a link
and then in the link you’ll get something that looks like this and the
bus driver will scan it and then you get on the bus and you just sit in these
really comfortable seats and you go directly to the city center.
It’s super convenient, super easy. You can take a taxi or an Uber but it’s pricey.
I’m looking it up right now on my phone. Here they have very specific locations
where you can get in an Uber, you can’t get in an Uber anywhere. It has to be in
a certain location, so follow the instructions on your phone when you do
that. The cheapest price here is $52. So here’s the thing if you’re single you’re
traveling to New York by yourself, or maybe you’re meeting people here. This is
expensive. This is $50. But you could take the Newark Airport Express and it’s only
$17. Take an Uber if you’re a party of four or more. If you’re not a party of four or more
then it’s probably better to do the ways that I’m suggesting in this video and my
bus is here. See ya! After you get on the shuttle, you take it
into Manhattan and it will drop you off at three potential locations, all of them
are located on 42nd Street. The first one is at Port Authority, which is near Times
Square, so if you’re staying there get off there. The second is Bryant Park and
the third is Grand Central, so make sure to get off at whatever stop is closest
to the hotel that you are staying at. Thanks for joining me on my journey from
all of the New York City airports to the city center. If you like this video,
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my other New York City videos, and I will see you next time. Thanks for watching!