(chill music) – What’s up Elitethenics athletes? It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to the second video
to this four part series of How to Get a Six Pack Abs. In the last video we
covered how to burn fat and build muscle with low
impact floor exercises. To get you started on building
your abdominal strength. So, you should’ve done the
workout from the last video at least three times last week. And, you would have developed the strength and skills needed for this next workout ’cause it’s going to be more challenging, with harder exercises. Now, we’re gonna take
our abdominal training to the next level by incorporating
bars into this workout. Performing abdominal
exercises on the pull-up and dip bar are a lot harder
than doing them on the ground. Mainly because it requires
a lot more effort, with more muscles working
simultaneously together to achieve the exercise. And, by lifting yourself or hanging, you’re applying all your body weight to your abdominal exercises, which requires a lot more
stabilization and body control, which will engage deeper muscle fibers. Also flexes your abs and
engages your abs differently. A lot differently than when
you’re lying down on the ground. When you’re hanging and
you’re flexing your abs you have an upward flexion. And, when you’re lifting yourself up you have a downward flexion. You should be engaging your abdominals both ways if you really wanna make sure to have a perfect six pack abs. Also, because you’re
lifting yourself or hanging, it’s gonna require more effort. You’re going to be burning more fat, while developing strength and muscle. That’s why a lot of
times, once you see people start incorporating
these type of exercises into their regimen, they start
actually getting shredded. All right, so we’re about
to start this routine, and the entire workout is gonna be done from hanging and lifting yourself up. We’ll be starting with the exercises that require us to lift our body weight. Now typically you can
do these on dip bars, but if don’t have access to dip bars you can always put two chairs together like you’ve seen me do
in my past vlog videos. And, do all of these exercises. The other half of these
exercises are gonna be done from a hanging position, so find anything that you can hang on,
you’ll be able to do these. Typically you wanna be able
to do it on a pull-up bar, but you can also do hanging
exercises with a set of rings. And, you can actually use the rings for all the exercises in this
video if you put the rings low enough to lift your body up. I’m gonna give you all the reps, sets, and rest for this workout routine. In fact, I’m gonna be doing it with you. So follow along. So, if you’re ready to get
started with this routine find something that you
can lift yourself on, dip bars, put two chairs together, the first exercise is gonna be leg raises. We’re gonna go for 12 reps. Keep your legs straight, arms straight. Shoulders down, squeeze the core. Let’s go for it. (chill music) All right, so there we have it, 12 reps. We’re gonna go for 20 seconds of rest. And, if you noticed, while I
was doing these leg raises, I would go up into the L-sit position, basically trying to hold an
L-sit just for one second. Squeeze all my muscles, come down. Avoid momentum, and really ensure that I’m getting the most out of that exercise. So, next one, high knee raises. We’re gonna go for 12 reps. Knees all the way up, down. Squeeze. Bring your knees as high as you can. (chill music) Woo. All right, so just like
the previous leg raises, I’m trying to hold the top again and engage for the second time, once I reach the peak
of the high knee raises. Okay, so next we’re gonna
go for corner raises. This is gonna really hit that
love handle oblique area. As well as all the way
around your abdominals. Let’s go for it. You’re gonna come up like a
knee raise, and then turn. 10 on each side. (heavy music) Woo. All right. You should feel your abdominals
pretty fired up by now. The next exercise we’re gonna go into is gonna be L-sit kicks. This is gonna require a
lot of abdominal strength so if you need to take a break, go ahead. Take a moment to catch your breath. But, get back up there
and finish those reps. We’re gonna go for 10. Let’s go for it. (heavy music) All right, now we’re going to the last exercise on the dip bar. It’s gonna be holding an L-sit. A perfect isometric move, one of the fundamentals to calisthenics. Great for building insane upper
body strength and control, as well as six pack abs. So, let’s go ahead and hold
one for as long as you can. (heavy music) All right, so that’s gonna do
it for holding ourselves up. We’re gonna move on to the
different type of flexion, from a hanging position. We’re gonna go for hanging
leg raises for 12 reps. Keep an active dead hang when you start. Meaning, don’t just hang like this, but actually pull your
scapulas down, and activate your core, back, and shoulders
to keep your body straight. (loud breathing) We’re gonna go straight up, straight down. (chill music) All right, quick 20 second rest. These exercises look very similar from hanging to lifting yourself up, even to lying down on the floor. But, the different angles and positions is what engages your
abdominals differently. And, it’s what I do to
create my six pack abs. And, you’re gonna see way more results when you incorporate
these into your training. So next, we have hanging bicycles. We’re gonna go for 30 on each leg. Remember to engage your core as you hang. Engage your shoulders. Full range of motion, legs straight down, knee all the way up. (heavy music) All right, there we have it. If you find yourself
having trouble hanging on come down really quick
to adjust your grip. You can even try a supinated grip if you wanna change it up. That’s why these exercises
do take it to the next level. But, applying them is gonna give you a new set of strength, and a new physique. So, let’s go for these corner raises. We’re gonna try to hit our
love handles and obliques. We’re gonna go for 10 each side. Let’s go for it. Up, then turn to one side. (heavy music) Woo. All right, we’re almost
done for the first round. Coming up next we have L-sit kicks. Take a moment to catch your breath. For this exercise you wanna
really focus on your grip. If you have a slight overgrip over the bar that’s really gonna help. Just really engage your core,
and don’t forget to breathe. We’re gonna go for 10. (chill music) Woo. Last break before we do the last exercise, hanging bar crunches. As you’re hanging on the
bar, you wanna basically get into like a bolt hold position. Crunching your abdominals all
the way up, all the way down. We’re gonna go for as many as we can. You wanna try to just use your abdominals to pull your entire body up. Let’s go for it. (chill music) So here, feet tight together. Crunch, back down. Crunch, back down. Woo. Bar crunches, those are killer. And, that’s gonna complete round one. We have three more rounds to go, and that’s gonna complete this workout, part two to How to Get
Your Six Pack Abs series. And, I want you to do this workout routine at least two more times, a
total of three times this week, before my next video,
next Sunday, comes out. You’re gonna need the
skills, abdominal strength, and experience to be able
to start the next one. It’s definitely gonna get
harder and more challenging. So, incorporate the last
routine, as well as this one this week, to make sure that you’re ready for part three of the series. Incorporating high
intensity interval training. So, with that said, train hard this week. If you enjoyed the video and
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