– Today, insane travel
savings coming your way! (electric tones) (pounding music) Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. You might know me from
your local TV station or if you’re a subscriber,
you rock my world, and if you know me from USA Today Travel, you may also know that
I hunt down travel deals in my spare time, in addition to traveling
almost every week, which is all thanks to having
a wife in a different country. It’s fine. I’m good. We’re strong. All of the resources I’m
going to show you right now are located right under this video screen to save you huge. And what I want to begin with are your five cheapest travel destination. Mexico, nabbing the top spot this season. Florida in number two, with locations like
Destin and St. Petersburg packing the most deals. Followed by Jamaica. Hawaii is on sale in a huge way for the first time in about two years. And Canada, with that U.S dollar exchange working to your advantage in a big way in cities like Toronto and Montreal. We are seeing the most reductions from United Airlines, followed by Spirit Airlines, and many of their big deal deal drops are occurring on Wednesday, rather than that Tuesday afternoon, which is typical of airline deals. Now, for those last-minute
travel price drops that I love, Priceline has 50% off
last-minute flight deals running rampant this season, and CheapCaribbean.com has the most insane package savings right now. Now none of these companies are paying us to talk about them, but
I will tell you that with something like a
4-night trip to Nassau, all-inclusive, including
air, at a top-rated resort, for around $89/night, you can
imagine it has my attention. And if you’re still in
the planning stages, flight-wise, I highly recommend the Apple and Android-ready
app called Hopper. You download this app which studies all the pricing patterns, and
it will show you when to fly, when to buy and lock in those savings. If you’ve already booked, I
highly recommend Yapta.com, which will help you
lock in a flight credit if a price drops after
you’ve already booked. All of the resources
that I just showed you are all located right
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