Hi, I�m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply. Today, we�re here in our test kitchen, and I�m going to show you how to extend
the life of your oil through proper filtering. Before you begin to filter your oil, here�s some basic equipment that you�re
going to need, safety equipment obviously: Some high-temp
heat-resistant gloves, a high-temp heat-resistant apron, as well as a face shield for any kind of splatter, a drain poker, a dial thermometer, an extension pipe for your drain, oil test
strips, a high-heat temperature scrub brush and a
crumb scoop. As well over here, we have a cone filter,
cone filter paper, a nice big 32-quart stockpot, and a metal
measuring cup, so that way we can move oil back and forth
to the basin and the stockpot to scrub out any other crumbs that need be. First, we can see that this oil needs to be
treated, orange, brown and it smells. First, I want to take the temperature. We�re looking for a pretty hot temperature. That way, it helps us scrub out any residual
grease and crumbs that we need to. However, we�re not looking at our operating
temperature of 350. That is also quite dangerous. Somewhere in
that 300-250 range, that�s a good area to start working with
it. We see there with 300, so that�s a good
temperature. We�re going to get the basket screen out
of there. Again, don�t put your hands in there. That�s
hot oil. I�m using my drain poker to grab that. Then once we�ve got it out, we can just
set it to the side. Here, I�ve got our draining process set
up. This tube right here is where the oil is going
to be draining from in that particular basin. Then it�s going to go right through our
cone paper filter, into our 32-quart basin. This red handle is our drain valve. We�re
going to open that, and slowly start draining the oil. Be sure that you don�t just open the valve
completely right away because that�s where the hazard comes in
with any kind of splash back with this very hot oil. Start it off nice and slow. Then as it gets going, you can start opening
up a little bit more. With your drain valve still open, you want
to get some of the oil you�ve already drained, and dump it back into the basin, because as
you can see, there�s still a lot of crumbs and residual
grit that needs to be washed out. Again, this is why you have your nice trusty
high-heat apron because there can be some splash-back. Some pieces get clogged up. That�s why we�ve
got our drain poker. As you start scrubbing the inside, you�ll
find some spots that are a little bit tough. Go ahead, and just use a little bit of that
hot oil to help give it some of that grease that you�ll