– No you don’t get it. If I go home, I’ll just have to turn right back around when I get there. I just, I don’t have
enough time to do anything. – Ha! Sounds like someone has an awkward amount of time. – Whoa. Honey, I’ll call you back. – Get in here. We understand that in the real world, time is a commodity and you don’t always have enough of it. That’s why we offer everything you could ever need when you just have an awkward amount of time on your hands. – Do you have– – Chargers? Yeah, we got iPhone,
iPad, Android, MacBook. We gotcha covered. – Whoa. – We also know you may not
want to eat a whole meal. But you probably wanna
eat a little something. We have light snacks, like chips or cookies, all the way up to heavier
snacks like sliders. But again, no full meals. Not here. But there’s no pressure to order anything, I mean, we’re not a cafe. We’re the Awkward Amount of Time Station. – Hey, I am just a little hungry. Do you have– – Super nice bathrooms
with stalls that reach all the way to the floor so that you can shit in peace? Yeah. – Nice. Ah. What more could I ask for? – How ’bout a movie
theater that only plays 45 minute long movies? Have fun, everyone. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Need to take a phone call
with your headphones on while pacing in a small area? We gotcha covered. Rather just sit in your car? That’s fine, too. We have a designated parking lot. You’ll never have to explain that you’re not actually leaving your parking spot and that you’re definitely not a creep. It’s just understood here. – I think I’m gonna like it here. For another 30, 45 minutes. (both laugh) – The Awkward Amount of Time Station. Because what else are you gonna do? – Hey, is it possible for me to get a room for the night? – Get the fuck out! – I’m sorry. – They don’t do that here! – I’m sorry! – Hi, it’s Zack from College Humor, thanks for watching. You can click here to subscribe, or click here for some other fun stuff. You can also screenshot me and turn me into a meme with one of the following poses. Lemme know how that goes.