Hi there! Today on the Lavu blog spotlight we’re talking about how you can draw bigger crowds to your bar Sporting events are the perfect opportunity to bring in more visitors That might seem obvious, if you’re running a sports bar, but it takes a bit more than just turning on the tv Sports fans are always looking for a great place to find other fans and enjoy the game but you need to provide the right atmosphere and surroundings. If you have limited seating, a bad sound system, or tvs in hard to see corners, fans will find another place to watch. Once you have the perfect set up, you’ve also got to devote some time to telling people about it You can have the best spot in town, but if the fans don’t know about it, they won’t find you. The Lavu blog team has broken down the top 5 ways to draw crowds to your bar. We’ve also added some advice on drink specials and ways to make sure your events are positively impacting your bottom line. So what are you waiting for? Click through to the blog to read all about it Before you go, give our video a thumbs up!