– What’s up, this is
Ben from WODprep and today we’re
going to talk about a toes to bar progression. So, I see a lot of people just
jump up to the pull-up bar and do whatever they can
to lift their knees up and then they kind of
flail their feet up to touch the bar. And that’s great. I guess, technically,
it counts as a rep but it’s really not
good for you, especially if you’re
disengaging your shoulders. And it’s really not a
great way to get efficient at stringing all those
reps together. So, today we’re going to
talk about a simple progression. All I’m going to
do to start is, I’m going to work on
doing levers, okay. So just front levers. Obviously, not like
a gymnast would do where they’re doing
it really far. All I’m doing is grabbing
onto the bar, I’m activating my shoudlers and I’m letting my shoulders
and torso move back behind the bar, okay,
and I’m going to do that. I’m going to do that
a few times. And as you can see,
I’m starting to develop a little bit of a kip. I’m actually not using
my legs at all. All I’m focusing on is
activating my shoulders, activating my lats, to make sure that I can
pull my torso back to make way for my
knees and feet, eventually, to come touch the bar. Then the next step
that I like to do is, I’ll get athletes to actually
start lifting those knees. So, I’m activating,
I’m pulling back and then I actually lift
my knees a little bit to my chest and then
I re-establish my kip. So you’ll see, I pull back,
lift my knees up and then pull back through
to re-establish the kip. And I’ll start to have athletes
swing back and forth doing that, just focusing on
lifting their knees up to about their belly button
or their chest. But keeping that nice active
shoulder in lat positioning. Next, we just take that
and bump it up a notch. So, I’m lifting my knees
to my chest, except, not my belly button now, now it’s all the way up to,
pretty much as high as I can get them. My kip needs to be a little
bit more aggressive, but you’ll see I’m still activating
my lats and my shoulders to get my shoulders nice and high,
torso out of the way so that my knees can come
straight up and then, as you guess it, the next step
is actually doing the toes to bar. So I pull back,
I lever back, I lift my knees
as high as I can and then instead of trying to
lift my toes to the bar, I actually, I call it a flick, I literally take my toes
and I flick the bar, they both make contact
at the same time. And then I’m immediately
pulling them back down and re-establishing the same kip that I was doing in
those previous drills. So, pull back, knees high,
flick the bar and then pull yourself
actively back through that window and
underneath the bar to re-establish your kip. As long as you can do this, make sure that you’re keeping
your shoulders activated, keeping those traps engaged, and I promise you,
it’s going to help you string together these
toes to bar much much easier and then you’ll be able
to crush them in your next workout. So if you liked this video, please leave a
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these videos help, or maybe they
don’t help people. Also, if someone’s working
on trying to get the toes to bar,
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