– What’s up, this is Ben
from WODprep and today we’re going to
talk about the difference between normal pull-ups
and bar muscle ups. So there’s a lot of
people who can do chest to bar to bar pull-ups
all day long, they can do normal
kipping pull-ups, they’re great at those but they can’t seem to
get their bar muscle ups very easily and I’m
going to talk about a very very simple difference. So, it’s all about the
shoulder positionings. So when you do a
bar muscle up, instead of thinking about
going up up and towards the pull-up bar, you actually need to think
about going up and away and then once it’s time
to make that transition, over the pull-up bar. So a lot of people,
you’ll see in this video, when I do couple
failed attempts and I’m pulling myself pretty
much straight up like you would normally see someone who’s
doing a pull-up do. But when you’re doing
a bar muscle up, you actually have to
lever yourself and get your shoulders
and your torso farther away from
the bar so that you can do that transition
to get over it. So you’ll see when I do
a few bar muscle ups, I’m actually getting
my shoulders farther back, away from the pull-up bar
before executing that transition over the bar. So next time you do
bar muscle ups and you’re practicing
on the bar, focus on getting you
body away and then a fast transition
to actually get over and over top to lock
out that bar muscle up. So remember think,
up and away, not up and towards. So really quick,
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