In this video, I’m going to discuss how
we used Wilsonart laminate and quartz to finish a bar for Tony Roma’s. Coming up! Hi, I’m Rick from Bar Designers, where I share my passion about bar design, draft beer system design and product reviews. If you’re new here, please subscribe and check-out the show notes and affiliate links in the ‘YouTube Description’, below. Later in this video, I’ll give you ‘Today’s Takeaway’. Now let’s jump into the show! When we were contracted to design this
bar for Tony Roma’s we’d been asked to replicate the look of this bar, which had
been designed for their flagship store in Orlando, earlier. This was a new design
that Tony Roma’s had adopted. Working only from a photograph, I was in
disbelief when I was told that the inlaid panels had been fabricated from a laminate. At first glance I thought it was marble. In reality, the laminate and the countertops were creations of Wilsonart. I should have figured! Yep, the same Wilsonart samples you’ll see in the kitchen departments at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s and other big-box stores. I’m here to tell you, these Wilsonart products are perfectly legitimate for any bar design. The trick, of course, is in the details. A common method for laminating is to use particleboard as a substrate. However, the use of MDF board as a substrate for laminates is a more durable and far superior solution nowadays. For this application a product was selected from the ‘Solicor’ series of the Wilsonart lineup. Wilsonart offers numerous choices of terrific, high pressure laminates. The product we used specifically for this application is the Wilsonart ‘Calcutta Marble’, part number 4925 – 38, that has the fine velvet finish. Some do-it-yourselfers can choose to do their own laminating, but for those that want a ready-made solution, just go to a local cabinet shop, or even go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and I’m sure you can order these panels to your specifications and they’ll probably cost you about US$25 a square foot. Now here’s a typical bar section and the laminated panel I’m showing here as items 19 and 20, which is mounted to a sheet of 3/8″ LP Smartside, shown here as item 18, that runs the upper portion of the bar die. Now if you look closely, here’s the sidng product I just mentioned, behind all this trim. This is a cedar textured panel, shown here, by LP Smartside, a residential siding product, which is available at all big-box stores. But I digress. As I mentioned, the Wilsonart lineup also includes quartz. We used quartz countertops through this project throughout on the front bar, back bar and the supports for the ADA accommodation. The part number we used for this project was ‘Grey Lake Q1009’, shown here. In terms of cost, 3CM quartz begins at about $100 a square foot. This project is $130 a square foot, as shown, with a 3-inch dropped edge. Now I don’t want to leave you
without discussing all this trim. The lateral trim elements here and here, down here and down here, those are called ‘rails’ and the elements that go vertically here, here, here and so on, are called ‘stiles’. This is another product by LP Smartside – it’s their ‘Smartside Trim’. Now we used the 440 series and the 540 series. The 540 series is 5/4-board, the 440 series is 4/4-board. As we go back to the section view, I’ll zoom-in here and you’ll notice that the narrower components, shown here – item 15 for instance and at the bottom, those are the 4/4 boards and the two boards in the middle – here and here – these are the 5/4 boards and give you a little deeper reveal. Going back to our photo, you’ll notice the top board is narrower than the intermediate board, below it. This adds a little character to the design. Question of the day: what did you like
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