I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply, And we’re here in the kitchen of Bar Lilly At The Broker Inn, in Boulder, Colorado. Next knife know-how video We’re going to do is to teach you how To properly cut and pit and avocado And actually store them without oxidizing
and turning brown. First things first, which I already did, Is you might want to take out the stem and
the sticker, As you don’t want that falling in your food. Be safe and put it right on the cutting board, Get your knife vertical And you’re going to press down on the back
of it Until you can feel the nut, And then you just spin it right around that
nut. It should slide open just like that. A lot of people take their pit out with the
blade. If it’s too ripe, You’re knife is going to go right through
that pit. For now, I’m just going to do it on the side
of the cutting board. Save your pit because that was going to help
store your avocado for later. From here, we just make nice little slits On the bias with the tip of your knife. You just want to feel the skin So it’s the stopping point for the tip of
blade. You have a nice biased cut all the way around
like that. Get a spoon, nice little bowl, Give it a squeeze on all sides To loosen up those little diamonds that we
made And everything should just slide right out. A lot of times we want to store this And we notice that the avocado turns brown. Basically what’s happening is it’s oxidizing. One, never store in a metal bowl, Metal helps vegetables oxidize. Two, if you store the pit with it, It helps eliminate those gases. Three, would be a little bit acidity, So you can get a little wedge of lemon juice
and just squirt. The acidity helps stop the oxidization. You want to get a nice piece of plastic wrap, Get everything air tight. The less oxygen around the avocado, The less it’s going to oxidize itself. From there, that’s a good way to store your
avocado for a good day Without it browning very much around the edges. That’s another episode of knife know-how kitchen
efficiency tricks. Here’s to a better mise en place!