Customize the Touch Bar at the top of your
MacBook Pro keyboard to include the system controls
you use the most. Here’s how. The Touch Bar has a set
of common system controls, like display brightness,
volume, mute, and Siri displayed in the Control Strip. To add other items
to the Control Strip, open System Preferences,
then click Keyboard, then Customize Control Strip. Now you can use your Trackpad
to drag the items you want from the bottom of the screen
into your Control Strip or use your finger to drag items
left and right on the Control Strip
to rearrange them. To remove a control
from the Control Strip, use the Trackpad to select
and drag it up and out of the Control Strip or use your finger to drag
a control all the way to the left
of the Touch Bar. When you’re finished,
tap Done on the Touch Bar. And that’s how you personalize
the Touch Bar. When you’re using an app,
you can also use these tricks to customize the Touch Bar
just for that app. Keep exploring to find
the best ways to use your favorite features. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to
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