For today’s cook I am making a beautiful
and succulent grilled rabbit. I know it is not that popular but if you follow what
I did step by step you will be making the most incredible rabbit you’ve ever
seen in your life. So let’s do it! We started off by making our marinade.
Remember exact amount on the description down below. I just threw everything into
my pestle and mortar. I threw in some black pepper, coarse sea salt, fresh
garlic. Every time you add an ingredient just grind it all up. Then I added white
onions, cilantro, a tiny bit of olive oil, lime juice and smoked paprika. And all
there’s left to do is mix it well and our marinade is done. After defrosting our beautiful rabbit
this is what it looks like. The first thing we need to do is remove the inners
and as you can see this rabbit came with the liver and also the kidneys the
liver are great to cook right on the pan they taste fantastic. Just pan-fry
them and they will be wonderful. But for today I am not using this element I’m
saving it for another day. And these are the kidneys the kidneys you can just fry
them up on the pan as well they taste absolutely incredible. But for today
since we’re grilling the rabbit I am not going to be using them. Once I remove the
inners all I have to do is open up the cavity and flatten them out as much as
possible so that it can grill evenly. Rabbit is a very lean meat so you don’t
have to remove a lot of fat just trim it a little and your rabbit is ready to be
marinated. I like to make a little slashes between the thighs so that my
marinade can really penetrate into the meat.
Now all that’s left to do is apply that beautiful marinade. To ensure my marinade will penetrate the
meat as much as possible, I am putting it in a vacuum sealed bag. Now you want to
let it marinate for at least five hours but I am marinating mine for a total of
24 hours in my refrigerator. Now that is marinating I am going to show you my
favorite way to make mashed potatoes. And I started off by peeling all my potatoes.
To cook them faster I like to chop them all up and put them to boil. Don’t forget to season your water with
salt. Now throw in your potatoes and boil them until they’re fork-tender. Once
that’s done I like to drain the water and put them right back on the pot they
were cooking on. While the potatoes are still hot I threw in a whole stick of
butter an entire cream cheese , mash it well with a mashed potato masher, throw in a little bit of milk, season it
with a little bit of salt and your mashed potato is done. I’m a true believer of developing additional flavor on the rabbit so I’m making a basting
sauce which is very simple. I used melted butter, smoked paprika and crushed garlic
with sugar mix it well and my basting sauce is done.
The very next day my rabbit was ready to be cooked and quickly remove it out of
the package and it was ready for the grill. I am cooking this beautiful rabbit
with my slow and sear at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. I am shooting for an internal
thighs temperature of the rabbit of a hundred and sixty degrees Fahrenheit. So
let’s do it! What do you think? Looks amazing, smells better. Smells incredible everybody it smells like oh okay I think it’s enough talking. Smells like beautiful! Alright so we’re gonna go ahead and let’s go for one leg for you
one leg for me. Yeah while you start cutting that can I try that mashed potato?
You wanna try the mashed potato? Yes go for it my friend . What happened Angel?
Are you alright? Guys you don’t you don’t know this and you can’t taste this right
now but Guga’s mashed potatoes are so perfect. They’re like super creamy right the salt is always perfect. The mashed potatoes are really good. I gotta tell you guys something I’m kind of known for
my mash… I’m known for my meat but I’m also known for my mashed potatoes
because it’s really creamy everybody I definitely recommend you giving you
their try. Yes do I put a lot of butter? Yes. do I put a lot of cream cheese? Yes.
But is it good? Yes. All right here you go Angel. Here you go my friend go for it enjoy my
friend. Enjoy enjoy it. Enjoy it? Yes. Tell me how that rabbit tastes I want to know
from you. I’ll tell you right now smells beautiful.
Go for it. I’m going it for it. Cheers my friend. Okay, is if you never had it the first
time you try it you’re gonna think you first thought is gonna be that it tastes
like chicken. Right cuz it tastes a little bit like chicken. Mm-hmm it just
has a little bit like a off flavor like a little different flavor than chicken.
But it tastes like chicken but it tastes so good. The taste is very similar to
chicken. It’s probably the most moist chicken you’ll ever have.
That’s a good, good explanation very, very moist you know chicken tends to be a
little bit dry even though when you cook it sous vide it’s not dry but when you’re
cooking on the grill chicken is kind of dry. The rabbit is very, very moist it’s
very, very mild it is not gamey whatsoever it tastes
incredible everybody. All the marinade that I did and letting a marinade
overnight I think it’s the key for the rabbit. I think whatever you did they
should also do. They also should do. I know rabbit is not very popular everybody a
lot of people you know tend to think that you know oh it’s a rabbit but it is
incredible it is fantastic and if you never had it you have to give it a try.
You know it’s not orthodox right but at the same time, I’m a hunter Angel is
learning to hunt as well, we hunt both of us. And it is a part of life and it
tastes fantastic. Yeah but we’re hunters but we’re not that
crazy like we don’t grab the the heart and just bite it like some crazy people.
No no we don’t do that we’re we respect We hunt for food. That’s correct I
made this presentation because I want it. If your family members are a little bit
skeptical about rabbit, I recommend you taking it apart and just cooking it
apart that way is not as shocking when they see the whole thing right in front
of them. Agree? Yeah I mean maybe my first time my first time having rabbit was
with my girlfriend’s dad first time I had it
he had it head and everything like laid out and I was like. Not for you? Oh God I felt bad
like no no the little rabbit. Don’t say that. I’m being serious
I was like oh no. Que cute! And then he goes; you have to try it! and like I don’t know if you guys
know this but when you’re dating somebody and their dad says to do
something. You have to do it! You kinda have to do it. And when you tried it what
happened? It tasted like chicken. It taste incredible. But like really good chicken
Yeah it was awesome, it was really good yea. He made it with rice. Guys I hope
you enjoyed this video if you do enjoy it make sure to give it a thumbs up if
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Remember if you are interested in anything I use everything is always in
the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys
on the next one. Guys one of the secrets of the rabbit and making it taste really
good especially the top of it is that you gotta keep basting it the more you
baste you develop a layer of flavor. Yo you just want caveman style. I like it like
that Angel. There’s bones bro I gotta eat around the bone, the knife is not helping. Hey nothing is better than just picking it up and eating.
I’m very curious to find out how this would taste sous-vide if you guys are
interested in on seeing rabbit sous-vide put it on the comments down below and
I’m gonna make it happen so that the guys could give it a try. They never had rabbit none of
them. None of them, really? None of them no You think they’ll like it? There’s no… I mean I don’t
know how sous vide would taste because on the grill you can taste that little charcoal flavor you know. Yeah but some people just say that they don’t like it just
because it’s a rabbit. That’s true you know like just cuz of the mental I guess
what stigma. Yeah it’s so good yeah but I tried to the rabbit everybody it tastes
fantastic. And if you want to see it sous vide comment down below we’re gonna make it
happen. See you on the next one take care bye bye. Man this is good, man!