Here’s a project that will really light you up.
Modernize your overhead can lighting by swapping in some stylish pendant lights in just minutes.
Now you can hire some electricians do this for you, but it’s going expensive. We’re here to
show you how a couple of novices can do this, and we’re gonna do it quick and easy. First thing is to read the instructions
that come with your light kit. Then you wanna make sure that the power is
off, and you can turn it off at the circuit breaker.
Now, unscrew the light bulb from the existing recessed light fixture. Nicely done.
Thank you. Now we’re going to measure the distance from the
ceiling to where you want the pendant to hang. So, what I like to do is just use the
light fixture itself, just hang it there. What do you think, Jackie?
Look’s good to me.
Is that a good distance? Yeah, I like it.
Now you want to adjust the cord length on your new pendant up here at the cord vice. And to do that just grab a screwdriver, loosen up the screw, pull it through to your desired
length… That looks about right. Tighten it up. But not too tight because you don’t want to
crush the cord. And that’s it. Now that we have the right length cord, you’re just going to screw this in here. Don’t worry about all this extra cable
that you see here, because that’s going to be hidden up in the recess. Then what you’re going to do, you’re going to slide, this is called the canopy, you’re going to slide this canopy right up here. And you see this little nut right here? This is what’s gonna tighten around the
canopy and hold everything in place.
If the canopy doesn’t lie flush against the ceiling simply adjust the tension of the canopy
until it is flush. Remove the socket ring from the light, and the pendent. Then put the shade over
the socket and look inside. Place the socket ring around the light
socket inside the shade and tighten it up. This will secure the shade to the socket.
Then you’re going to add a new candelabra base light bulb. And that’s it! Turn the electricity back on, turn your lights on and enjoy your new look.
Love it! Big difference, without a lot of work. If you
guys are interested more easy and stress-free DIY projects,
just go to the website: And come over for dinner sometime.
I’ll make chicken.