Today we’re gonna be giving you a few tips
and tricks on how to wash your car if you live in a condo, an apartment, or somewhere that does not have access to
water. A friend of mine recently moved from a house
to a condo, and for any automotive enthusiast who loves
detailing, this is a hard situation. You go from having a driveway and a garage
with access to water and shade to a small parking spot that doesn’t have any water. But he does have access to a coin-operated
car wash. You may have a coin-operated car wash in your
neighborhood or close to your home or apartment that you
use to wash your vehicle. Today I’m going to show you a lot of tips
and tricks on how to get your car looking good while using a coin-operated car wash. A coin-operated car wash gets a bad rep because
people think that it’s dirty, and you can often scratch your car using the tools they
have. Today I’ll show you how to get the best results
from a coin-operated car wash, how to use the tools properly, and how to bring a lot of your own tools with
you so you can keep your car looking good. My E39 has not been washed in about 4 weeks,
it’s ready for a wash. We’ve had a cold spell here in California
and it’s been raining a lot. I’m gonna take my car to the coin wash and
we’re gonna wash it just like you guys out there might do in an apartment or a condo. Let’s talk about everything we’re gonna use
and take with us to the coin-operated wash. I have four buckets set up with everything
that I need. My first two buckets are gonna be my wash
buckets. A lot of people use the brushes at the coin
wash, but we’re not gonna use that because those cause scratches! These buckets have a Gamma Seal on the top,
and I’ve also placed a Grit Guard in the bottom. I’m gonna take these buckets with me pre-filled
with water. I’ll fill these buckets up here with water,
and add my soap, so once I get to the coin wash across town, my buckets are ready to go and I just have
to suds up the soap. These Gamma Seal lids have a rubber o-ring
seal that creates a water-tight seal when screwed on to the bucket. I can put these buckets in the back of my
car and not worry about them spilling. Plus I have the Grit Guard to protect against
any scratches. These next two buckets I use to carry everything
else I’m going to use. I have my Citrus Wash & Gloss to wash the
car. I’m gonna clean my wheels using our Signature
Series Wheel Cleaner; this is great to clean my BBS wheels. When I dry my car I’ll use Hybrid V7 to add
extra shine and protection. To clean the tires I’ll use our Signature
Series Orange Degreaser. This is already diluted 10:1 in a professional
grade bottle with a Tolco Gold Sprayer. I’m bringing my own chenille microfiber wash
mitt, if you’re going to the coin wash it’s always
a good idea to bring your own wash mitt. The brushes at the coin wash are dirty, misused,
and can scratch your vehicle. I’ve got a few waffle weave microfiber towels
to dry the car, and I’ve got a variety of towels like Elegant
Edgeless Black Towels, Premium Blue Towels, and a large Elegant Edgeless Black Towel to
do any drying. I’m gonna go outside and fill my wash buckets
with water, then take this dirty car to wash it out! We’re outside, and I’m gonna fill these buckets
up to take to the coin wash. I’m gonna fill these up with water and soap
before I get to the coin wash to maximize the amount of time I have with
the washing system. Coin washes are operated by quarters; you put quarters in to gain more time on the
machine. You don’t want to pay for wasted time, so I’ll prepare these buckets here so I get
the most time for the money at the coin wash. I’ve filled up my clean water bucket, and
I’ll use this one for my soap water. I’m gonna use our Citrus Wash &Gloss for this, Citrus Wash & Gloss is great because it cleans
and shines, and this BMW is real dirty, so the citrus
cleaning power is gonna do a great job cleaning it up. Once my bucket is all filled up and ready
to go, I’ll add my soap… I’ll add my soap here so I can leave my bottle
here so I don’t have to worry about taking it with me. I’ll add two ounces of soap to the bucket,
and now I can actually seal up my bucket. Now my buckets won’t leak when I take them
with me. As you see they don’t leak at all, so if it tips in my car, I won’t have any leaks whatsoever. I’ll load everything in my trunk, and see you at the coin wash! We’re on our way to the coin wash. A lot of you guys might have a coin wash close
to your house, we’ve got one close to our headquarters, so
we’re gonna drive over there to use the coin wash. Coin washes are also good to use if you have
an off-road vehicle, if you have a lot of mud, dirt, or grease
on your car because the coin wash has its own drain. So you don’t have to worry about getting your
own driveway dirty. You can handle dirty messes at the coin wash. I brought everything to get the most time
out of the coin wash, I brought all my soaps, towels, and buckets
to get the job done. We also make other detailing solutions if
you live in an apartment or condo like waterless detailing, I like using waterless detailing solutions
a lot. Some people prefer to use the traditional
style of water and shampoo, and that’s what we’ll be using today. Once we get to the coin wash, we’ll show you
all the tips and tricks to keep your car looking great. We’ve arrived at the coin wash, and I’ve already
unloaded all my equipment before we start the machine. I’ll tell you what to do before you start
the machine to get the most out of the coin wash experience. First thing you need to do: lay out all your equipment before you start
the machine I have about $4.00 in quarters right here, I’ll use 2 cycles on the machine: The first to clean the wheels and rinse the
car, then the second cycle to rinse all the soap
off the car after I wash it. I’ve got my two buckets here already set up: My soap bucket all ready to go, and my clean
water bucket read to go. All I gotta do is suds up the soap bucket,
and we’re ready to rock! I’ve also got all my towels and brushes set
aside within reach. The main tool we will use here is the pressure
washer. What you DON’T want to use is this: the brush
at the coin wash! People leave these on the ground, just like that! Now all that dirt gets picked up and can get
rubbed into your paint. Word of advice: Don’t use this! That’s why we brought our own wash mitt. I’m gonna go ahead and put some coins in,
and let’s get started! First I’ll put just enough coins in to work
the wheels and wet down the paint. I’ll wash my wheels first with the Signature
Series Wheel Cleaner, and then wash the whole vehicle. Let’s do it right now! I’ve gone ahead and cleaned the wheels, and
they’re full of wheel cleaner and degreaser. I’ll go ahead and rinse them off as I rinse
the whole vehicle. I only have $4.00, so that gives me two cycles
before I run out of time. I have everything set up, I’ll rinse the cleaner off the wheels, I’ll rinse down the car before I start washing
it. Set the pressure washer to High Pressure Rinse! No soap, just rinse. Once I rinse off the wheels and car, I’ll
suds up my wash bucket, then begin the wash process. Let’s do it! So I’ve rinsed all the cleaner and degreaser
off my wheels and tires, and I’ve rinsed the whole body. It’s good to rinse the body first, that’s why we came to the coin wash: to use
the pressure washer to knock off all the heavy dirt. So if you don’t have a pressure washer at
home, the coin wash is a great way to pay a few
dollars to use their facility. You get a good wash and do all the dirty work
here. I’ve got my two buckets set up: I foamed up my wash bucket and I’ve got my clean bucket with clean water to make sure we get a swirl-free wash with
the two-bucket method. Let’s wash the whole car and make sure it
looks great! Just like the standard two-bucket method: we always go back to the clean water bucket, wring the mitt out on the ground, recharge with soapy foam, and keep on cleaning! So I’ve finished washing the vehicle. The car is still full of soap, but now we’re
ready to rinse it off. I’ve still got $2.00 for another 4 minutes
on the machine. Here’s my plan: I’m going to high-pressure wash off all the
soap. Then I’ll rinse the car again using the “Spot-Free
Rinse” setting. Some coin-operated car washes have a filter
inside the facility to give a clean spot-free rinse. This reduces water spots because the filter
cleans out all the calcium and hard minerals that lead to spots on the car. I’ll use that spot-free rinse for the final
rinse to remove any of the soap and minerals off the car for a spot-free shine. I’ll deposit the last $2.00… some coin washes are cheaper, some more expensive. This one is $0.50/minute, so it’s not that
bad. So: High-Pressure Rinse, then Spot-Free Rinse. Now I’ll go ahead and switch to the Spot-Free
Rinse, and rinse the car off again to reduce any
water spots. As you notice, this setting does not have
as much pressure, so it’s about rinsing off the hard water to
get all the spots off! You notice this filtered water simply runs
off the car. This car has Second Skin 6 on it, so the filtered
water will help push any stains and hard water off the SS6. We’re at the last step, the hardest step for
me, and that’s drying the car! We want to make sure we don’t get any water
spots when we dry the car, so we want to do this as quickly as possible. To help me dry the car and add some gloss
and extra protection, I’m gonna use Hybrid V7. This is gonna help push off the water and
leave the car with a smoother, deeper shine. It’ll also work with the SS6 that’s on the
car now. I’ve got two drying towels: my big black elegant
edgeless microfiber, and a waffle weave. I’ll start with the waffle weave, then buff
off the streaks with the edgeless. Let’s do this! Always remember to wipe down the door jambs! Use Hybrid V7 to wipe down the door jambs. If you don’t, you’ll end up with dirty door
jambs full of water spots, and they won’t look good. I’ll wipe down the jambs, dry the wheels,
and then we’ll go back to the facility. Now we’re back at our detailing training center, and this BMW is looking great. We did the full wash at the coin-operated
wash, we did the whole vehicle and it looks fantastic. The coin-operated wash is a great place to
go if you don’t have access to water, or you live in a condo or apartment. Plus you can wash your car any time of the
year, even if it’s extremely dirty, because the coin-operated wash has access
to a pressure washer, and you can bring your own equipment. We brought our own soap, wheel cleaner, degreaser,
towels, buckets, everything! All we used was the wash center’s water. You can always take your Chemical Guys products
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