This instructional video will show you
the proper way to clean the condenser of your TRCB chef base table. Tools
required for this task include a Philips screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, stiff
bristle brush, air tank or co2, vacuum cleaner, and a flashlight. First step in
cleaning the condenser to disconnect power from the unit. Use a Phillips
screwdriver to take off the grill assembly by removing the screws on the
side of the unit. If cleaning the condenser of a TRCB-79 or TRCB-110, you will
want to use a flathead screwdriver and remove the four screws holding the front
grill in place. Then clean up the condenser coil with a
stiff bristle brush, move the brush up and down the coil and never side to side
as this could bend the fins on the coil. After brushing the condenser coil,
vacuum the dirt off the foil moving the vacuum up and down and never
side-to-side, as this could bend the pins of the coil. You may use compressed air
or co2 to clean the condenser. Just remember to vacuum the dirt off the
floor and surrounding areas of the condenser to avoid the dirt from being
sucked back up into the coil. Shine a light to the condenser. You should now be
able to see the light on the other end, meaning the condenser is now free of
debris. Then reinstall the grill. Connect the unit to the power and make sure the
compressor is running. A recommended rule is to check the coil every month for the
first three months of use. This will tell you how dirty environment is. Generally
you should be cleaning your condenser coil every sixty to ninety days,
depending on the environment in which it is used. You never use filters in any shape or
form as this could instantly block the airflow and do not allow the unit to run
properly. For additional assistance or questions, please contact True’s technical
service department at 185 five three seven two one three six eight.