Cleaning the condenser coil on a
commercial refrigerator isn’t as hard as it sounds. With these easy steps, you can do it yourself. Let’s get started! Start by
unloading the refrigerator and placing items into another refrigeration unit or
cooler. Next, hold on to each side of the grill and pull it towards you to release
the clips. Then, swing the bottom of the grill towards you to pull it out from
behind the bottom door hinge. Locate the main power switch and turn it off. There
may not be one on your model. In that case unplug the unit. Can’t get to the
power cord? Turn the unit off at the temperature control. Okay, let’s start
cleaning that coil. Use a skinny crevice attachment to vacuum the condenser coil
and surrounding area. Start in the bottom left corner and work your way up. Move
over to the bottom right corner and work your way up again.
Continue this process until the entire coil is clean. Some areas can’t be
reached with the vacuum. Don’t worry about that. Do your best. All clean! Let’s
put the grill back together. First, restore power to the unit. Then reattach the toe kick grill by
swinging the top of it behind the bottom door hinge and snapping in the clips on
each side. Give the unit time to recover. It would help to leave the door closed
for a few hours before use. Well, there you have it. You have cleaned a condenser
coil. This is parts town signing off. We’ll see you next time.