Everyone loves grilling out, whether it’s
with your family or a large gathering of friends. To keep your charcoal grill in top cooking
condition you should thoroughly clean it at the beginning of each grilling season. Regular cleanings will help extend the life
of your grill parts. The grates can be cleaned using a long handled
stiff-wire brush. If you don’t have a brush, you can use a
ball of aluminum foil held with long-handled tongs. Once the grate is clean, apply vegetable oil
using folded paper towels or a rag. This coating of oil will help prevent food
from sticking to the grate the next time you cook, and it will help prevent rust. Remove any leftover ash from base of the grill. Too much ash build up can obstruct the vents
at the bottom of the grill, making it difficult to control the temperature during cooking. Removing the charcoal grate at the base will
make getting the last of the ash out easier. When all the ash has been removed,
clean the inside of the cook box and lid using mild dish soap and a brush. Now place the charcoal grate back into position,
and you’ll be ready to add fresh charcoal for your next use. You can then clean the outside of the lid
and cook box using soap and water or a grill cleaning spray. Towel dry and cover the grill until its next
use to help prevent rust. Following each use of the grill, clean the
grates while they are still warm and before stuck-on food and grease hardens. If you grill often, it’s best to replace
this grate brush each season as it wears down over time. Once the grate is clean, apply a coating of
oil. If the grates are still too warm, use long
handled tongs or use a cooking oil spray. If you store your grill outdoors, use a weather-
resistant grill cover between uses. This will help preserve its appearance and
extend the life of your grill. If any grill parts eventually do fail, there
are replacement parts available at your nearby Home Depot store or online at homedepot.com/grills. To find out more about cleaning a charcoal
grill, check out our full guide on homedepot.com. Or to browse our wide selection of grills,
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