Today lets see how to clean this stained bucket. This is Silicon Carbide waterproof paper , it is available in hardware stores. Its known as “Uppu Thal ” in Tamil. Each sheet will have an unique number , the sheet I am using is P 220 . If your bucket has lots of stain then you have to use a sheet with lowest number . For example sheet no.80 will be of rough texture . I am using half of the sheet . We are going to use “Roff cera clean” ,which is mainly used for cleaning buckets and other stains. It is also available in Hardware stores. Add the Roff and use the sheet to clean the stains. Since the inner past has more stains , add the roff and use a steel scrubber and wash it. Do not wet the bucket , add the roff and scrub it well using the sheet. I will show you how to clean this stained mug as well. The mug as well as the bucket has been completely cleaned and its looking like a new one. After washing the bucket using Roff , there will be white marks here and there in the used area. In cotton cloth apply coconut oil and spread it over the surface of the bucket. Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get the regular updates !!!