That’s delicious! Good morning everyone and welcome to Cass and Bran! So right now it’s me and Brandon here he’s carrying a gigantic bag cause today we are
testing something super cool that we cannot tell you about right now. As we
have said in the past, we have a lot of competitors that are currently watching
our channel. But we are going into a test kitchen today with all of our
cookies and recipes to change things up a little bit. So yeah, even though we can’t
tell you what it is, we still want to show you guys the beginning of our day
as entrepreneurs! Alright so I am here in the test kitchen
right now. We got our catering bag here with all of our different cookies and
things that we are testing today. They basically have a bunch of equipment. This
is a smaller one but there are plenty of them that are way bigger. The reason for
these kitchens is number one so that you can test out your stuff in commercial
equipment before you launch because a big thing that people don’t realize is
that whatever it is you’re baking, cooking, whatever it is, it’s gonna cook
or bake way differently in commercial equipment than it will in your home
oven, home stove, anything like that. So the recipes that you think you perfected
at home might end up not actually working. Today, we’re here to test new
equipment that we don’t currently have in our shop to decide on if we think it
will make our stuff better than what we currently have. Hope this helps anyone
who is thinking about starting a restaurant, a bakery, or anything like
this. Just know there are test kitchens out there. All you have to do to find
them is type in “test kitchens in ____” I think the first test, two minutes,
done. It’s gonna come out perfect when I buy this thing on the spot. *fingers crossed* Our container’s not exactly holding up.
Our container is melting even though it says oven and microwave safe. It’s
probably too high of a temperature. Overall, it looks like it heated the
outside and inside. We’re getting the temperature. That’s delicious! Wow! That’s cool! That went really really well in there! Everything that we tested, we ended up finding a solution for! Best thing is
that there were three options for this particular piece of equipment we were
looking at and the cheapest one is what works the best! Alright, so we figured it out!
Things are all coming together guys! Thank gosh because with our second
location coming up, we want to make sure we had all the fine-tuning of our
cookies, of everything in our shop, ice cream, everything that we carry in our
shop. The Test Kitchen went awesome! Now I am
back at Cookie Munchers! it is now snowing outside! snow – not like Tampa. We are not open yet for the day as you can tell all the chairs are still up
on the tables but I do turn on the beautiful menu so you guys can check
those out! So right now we have cookie the month. It’s oatmeal raisin. The reason
that we are kind of hesitant to add it permanently to the menu is SPACE. so we
already have this giant fridge in the customer area. We have this equipment,
all these boxes. And then we go on to the kitchen,
we got a three-door fridge here. Having that much fridge space, it is used
up all the time! So they don’t even have room to fit everything in that fridge
space so adding another cookie to the menu would take up a lot more space and
I don’t know if we can handle that currently. Also our electricity bill has
been very high since we’ve had two fridges. To give you guys a perspective
of how much a commercial electricity bill can be for a restaurant/bakery, last month it was around $1,500. I know it’s crazy! because
we’re running all this different equipment. That’s obviously another thing
to take into consideration if we end up having to get another fridge. That number
can go up significantly. Another awesome thing going on currently is we got our
new gift cards printed which I think I showed you guys in a previous vlog on
the website.Brandon’s the one who actually put the final design together for this.
It says cookie money. It says munch on on the bottom. And has our little cookie
mascot and munch and our logo in the corner. I think this might be my favorite gift
card that we have ever had cause cookie money is just the cutest thing. Another
thing that’s went on here – I was not here for this particular thing but I heard
about it from Brandon because he was here. I was in Tampa for the holidays. We
decided to donate to local families in need which was something really really
cool that we did this year. It was actually suggested by one of our
employees who personally donates for the holidays. It was super cool. We did one
three or five dollar donations every customer who came up there, asked if they
wanted to donate. If they said yes, they signed that name on a cookie that went
up on the wall. All said and done, we raised I think almost $1,500 and we’re able to sponsor three families. We also
donated a percent of our sales during the time period that we were raising
donations as well. So that fifteen hundred was a mix between the customer
donations and the donations from a percent of our sale. What was really cool
at that time is we had a bunch of those sheets that he was talking about. Those
cookie sheets all over our walls so everyone who donated got their like
thing up on the wall which was so so cool. So we had those up on this wall
below the TV. I believe we actually started on this wall below the logo but
then it filled up pretty quick. Alright guys, so I hope you had an
awesome day with us! Remember this channel is not all about business. it’s
also about having fun. It is so cool to be back in Jersey and show you guys
everything going on at our first location before our second location gets
up and running soon. Leave your comments below and let us know what you
think of the journey. Remember to dream big today guys. Do
something different and live your life awesomely! Hope you guys enjoy these vlogs.
More of them are coming soon except actually growing the business into our
second cookie shop instead of just the updates on our first shop. Thank you guys
so much. I’ve seen that you guys have been thumbs upping in our videos like crazy which
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that little bell to get notified every time we post. Give it a big thumbs up if you guys liked this video and we’ll see you guys next time on Cass and Bran! Munch out! Recently I’ve been posting mostly the
videos of me explaining how to start a business, me teaching you guys more stuff
about everything I know from my knowledge but I do also love posting these vlogs
so you guys get more of a sense of actually what it’s like to be running
the business and what it’s like to have this started. They’re probably laughing at me through the
window cause I’m vlogging?