Here are the steps needed to
successfully change an integrated fluorescent light inside your freezer or
refrigerator. First — unplug the cabinet from the power supply. Open the door and
begin to remove the plastic light cover. Start by pinching the middle of the
cover while pulling down. This should free at the top of the cover, allowing
you then to pull up and remove the cover. Next — carefully remove the light bulb.
Push up on the light bulb while pushing down on the bottom receptacle with the
other hand. You should then be able to pull the ball down and out. When putting
in the new bulb, line the prongs up at the top of the ball with the holes of
the upper receptacle. When you have them matched up, push up on the ball while
pushing down on the lower receptacle. Line up the bottom prongs on the bulb,
with the holes on the lower receptacle and it should click in place. After the
bulb is in, replace the cover. Start by pinching the top of the cover
and placing it on top of the frame. Then bend the cover at the middle to insert
the bottom of the cover into the bottom of the frame. Be sure to press the cover
into the groove that runs the length of the cover to assure a tight seal. Once
all is in place, plug this and back in and make sure the
light comes on. For additional assistance or questions please contact True’s
technical service department.