I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply. In today’s episode, I’m going to show
you how to field calibrate your digital probe or infrared thermometers. You’re going to calibrate your digital thermometer
in an ice bath solution just like the analog dial thermometer, as
well. Here we’ve got a nice glass filled halfway
with ice and we’re going to fill it in with water just to fill in the cracks and seams of the
ice. We don’t want the ice floating. We want it to be nice and compact in the glass. We insert the needle into the water, ensure
that’s not in contact with the sidewalls, the bottom of the cup or glass itself. Here we’re reading 31.2 degrees. Now, we should know that this should be 32
degrees. To recalibrate this, there’s this D-H button. You want to hold that down for about 8 seconds and then it’s going to start to flash CAL
for about 2 seconds. That means it’s recalibrating. Now we get
a new reading of exactly 32 degrees. Infrared thermometers usually cannot be field
calibrated, but it is healthy to check its accuracy and
the battery life itself. We’re going to turn it on. Using the same cup of ice water we were using
earlier, we’re going to probe the dead center of
the glass, not to the edge of the rim, not to the side
of the actual table, but we need to be in the exact center of the
glass. Let it sit there for a few seconds, so that
way it can get a full read. The nice thing about these thermometers is
they’re pretty instantaneous and right now we’ve got a reading of 34.2
degrees. If you believe that your infrared thermometer
is becoming uncalibrated, though, contact the manufacturer for further instructions
or change the battery first. That’s how you accurately field calibrate
your digital thermometers. If you have other comments, questions or concerns,
please comment below or call our sales floor and we’ll be glad
to help you or you can definitely subscribe to our weekly
video updates. Again, I’m Chris Tavana for Tundra Restaurant
Supply. Here’s to a better mise en place!