Here’s how you calibrate your probe thermometer. First things first, you’re going to want
to get a cup or glass of ice water. Key point to this glass of ice water is you
don’t want the ice floating. You just want to fill the glass with ice and
let water fill up to fill in the cracks. From there, we’re going to remove our thermometer
from its sheaf. It has a nice little holding hole. From there, we can go ahead and drop our thermometer
in. Try to get it so that way it sits in the center,
doesn’t come in any contact with glass. Go down to the bottom and come up just a little
bit. Nice thing about these thermometers is you
can hang it on the end right there. Right now we see 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but we also know that ice water is 32 degrees. So basically, what we need to do is decrease
and calibrate this thermometer down 8 degrees. What we’re going to do is take this out. If you notice the bottom of your thermometer
has a little nut. You also notice the top of the case is just
like the wrench for that nut. So, go ahead and drop this back down into
your casing. From there, you can take your reading. You see it’s at 70 degrees right now. We need to go down approximately 8 degrees. Give it a little twist. See how we got that needle there? By twisting, it should be pretty tight. Take it out, and let’s check it again. It should be stopping about one tick above
that 30 triangle. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply,
and that’s how to calibrate your thermometers.