You’ve played the game. You’ve seen the
rooms. And now you’re going to learn how to get those same rooms for free step-by-step. Welcome back to Ace of Vegas Spinners and
Sharks. Ace here and today we’re gonna do a step by step guide to get you guys to
your free my Vegas hotel room a whole lot faster. Let’s get started. Alright so
to get things started with redeeming the free room rewards you got to make sure
you have enough loyalty points first. You can do this by playing myVegas
blackjack, myVegas Slots on the desktop, myVegas Slots mobile, my Konami slots
or if you’re really, really lucky and really, really committed you can do Pop!
Slots too. But I wouldn’t recommend pop slots. Moving on once you have a
sufficient amount of loyalty points what you want to do is you want to sign into
my Vegas slots on your desktop computer, over here. And then we’re gonna go up to
the reward icon. We’re also gonna explore MyVegas rewards below. From there that takes us
straight to our partners. So now at this point we get to select our Vegas hotel.
This time we’re gonna select Vdara. And then our next step is we’re gonna
find out what room we want. So there are a couple different types of room rewards. There’s usually a percentage off, there’s usually exclusive rates and then
there’s usually the comp nights at the end. So the comp nights depending on your
spend you can have one to two comp nights. Now we can have two cop nights at
Vdara because we did an experiment a little earlier in the year. I’ll go
ahead and put a link to that in the description box below and also kind of
link that in the upper right-hand corner here. But what we have to do now
is we have to select our reward, and then we buy it. So we’ll scroll down to the oh
yeah that looks like this one has to be redeemed by October 26th, but we’ll be
redeeming that today so it’ll be just fine.
We’ll go ahead and scroll down we’ll hit next and then you key in your first name
last name and email address. And then they’re gonna send us an email here. And
it looks like we’ve got a redemption code over here. If you’re not sure that
your purchase has gone through you can just go to the my purchases tab and you
can see under pending that we have the Vdara 2 night comp. Okay now that
we’ve gotten our email, let’s go ahead and scroll on down to the redemption
link over here. This will force us to sign into our mlife account at MGM and
we just key on our login. And now we just select our dates then
it’ll show us the offer total over here, which is three hundred eighteen dollars.
But since it’s comped we just get to hit comp over here okay now we get to select
the room. It looks like the studio is the base level room that we get so we’ll go
ahead and select that one for comp. We can also check out the amenities looks
like it does have a kitchenette so it’ll have a mini-fridge in there,
score, walk-in shower and spa style stoking tub. Very nice. Dining table for
two we also have the phone under the counter, refrigerator (awesome) big bed and
sweet tablet for ordering dining and all that to request spa services. Digital
guest service directory and two burner cooktop too so I can even go shopping. I
love it! Okay cool so we’ve added this to our itinerary now so it looks
like the room to subtotal instead of being $318 is entirely comped now. And
then the only thing we have to deal with is resort fees and taxes bringing it up
to a sum total of one hundred two dollars and four cents. I do… you know I
gotta admit the VIP arrival experience would be pretty interesting I’m gonna go
ahead and check it right now. Leave your guys’ thoughts in the comment section
below should I do the VIP arrival experience? It appears as if it includes
luxury transportation a curbside me- A curbside meet-and-greet and
then a concierge pre-arrival email. I feel like we should do that. So no
deposit due now because it’s all room rates so it’s all gonna be stuff that’s
charged at the hotel if I show up so even if I have to cancel the trip
doesn’t look like anything is coming out of my pocket so diggin that too. Alright
guys and it looks like we are official we got our room confirmation number as
well as our official confirmation number and we can print out our itinerary
whenever we want to do so. The only thing we have to worry about is that VIP
experience which I kind of did for the laughs as well as the, as well as a resort
fee. Alright Spinners and sharks so we are officially confirmed for our Vdara
Hotel And Spa experience for November 18th to the 20th. Alright, guys, that’s all
the time we have for today. I do hope today’s guide was informative if you
enjoyed it I’d appreciate it like and feel free to subscribe if you think
you’d like to hear from me again. Until next time though this is Ace of Vegas
signing off wishing you all strong hands and
happy spinning