Hi. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply. Today we’re here in our test kitchen and I’m going to show you how to properly
clean and boil out your fryer basin. Now that we’ve got our fryer basin completely
drained and filtered of all the oil and removed any
sediment within here, we’re ready to begin our boil-out process. What we’re going to do is fill up the basin
to the bottom fill line with water. From there we’re going to drop in a fryer
boil-out puck and follow the directions appropriately there.
We’ll get to that. As you’re filling up your basin with water, be sure that your valve is closed so that way you’re not just spilling water
everywhere. Now that we’ve got our basin completely filled
with the water appropriately, we’re ready to put in one of our boil-out
fry pucks. Please follow the directions carefully on whatever method or chemical that you are
particularly using. In this one we use one puck for a 40-pound
vat of oil and we’re going to boil it at 220 degrees
for about 15 to 20 minutes. Now we’ll start the fryer again. As your fryer is boiling out with the water, once you see it on that rolling boil for 15
to 20 minutes, use that nice hot water to loosen up the grease
and give it one last scrub. Then once you’ve boiled it out for 15 to 20
minutes, we’re ready to drain it and then start rinsing
it. Once you’ve got it completely drained, be sure that you keep the valve open. Give it one last rinse and then go ahead and
close the valve and fill it back up for one last rinse of
everything. We really want to be sure that we get any
chemical residue out of this basin before we put new oil in
it. Now that we’ve got the complete boil-out process
done, we’ve drained it, we’ve rinsed it and now it’s very important to thoroughly
wipe down the basin because we need to be sure that there is no
chemical residue left inside this basin before we put in new
oil. Here we go. As you can see already, it’s significantly
cleaner than it was when we started. Be sure you still have your protective gear
on as this basin is still very hot in here. Then you can grab your poker to get your rag in between these flumes to help wipe those
areas out as well. Once your fryer basin is completely cleaned and dried out after the boil-out method, we are ready to refill it back with our recycled
oil or brand new oil depending on its life. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply
from our test kitchen, showing you how to properly boil out and clean
your fryer basin. Please comment below or call our sales floor
directly for any further questions and don’t forget to subscribe! ‘Til next time!