All right! It’s time for you to learn how to get
free stuff – straight from the horse’s mouth! From a luxury doorman who’s been in
the game for over 30 years. All right. We all know somebody or maybe a few
people who just seem to get free stuff all the time. They get upgrades on flights,
they get upgrades in the rooms, better views, better queue. Why is that? Well this guy says over his 30 years
he’s been able to deduce it down. So in this video, I’m gonna
tell you what he said, but also explain why what he said works. Cause in this article they don’t explain
why it works. They just say what it is. But when I described to
you why it actually works, it’s going to help you better understand
why it works and more effectively apply it in your life. The next
time you go to a hotel, you can have those chocolate covered
strawberries and champagne waiting for you in your room. So they sit down with this
guy to interview him and
basically get to the core question, what can people do to get
these free perks? What do you see happen? And he starts out in a true, very
formal form and says, you know what? The hotel, we strive to give everyone
the very best service he says, but what I find is people that treat the
staff genuinely well seem to get better perks. So people who are
nice, the staff, you know, you picture some really rich guy
coming in is Aston Martin packets, throws the keys at the valet
my room better be ready. That’s not how truly
successful people operate. Look at a guy like Mark Cuban. He’s got over a billion dollars and
he actually lives here in Dallas. You see that guy out so nice.
Always laughing, always smiling. You see him at the gym, he’s so polite. It almost looks like when he’s at the
bar where you get food and coffee and stuff. When he’s talking to those people, it’s almost like if you
didn’t know the dynamic, you might think that he’s waiting
on the waiter. He’s so nice. That’s what truly
competent people look like. So what you’re really communicating
when you’re really genuinely nice to the waitstaff is your high status. People
would look at that and think, oh yeah, well people like people that are
nice to them, that’s a part of it, but that’s not the whole
part of it. Waitstaff always, and people in general want to treat
people who are high status better. It’s like the old experiment they did
or they have a guy who pulls up and like some old powder blue dodge Omni and
gets out of it and asked somebody for a buck. They almost always say no, where’s the guy hops out of
a brand new wax Rolls Royce. And people almost always say yes, we just have a tendency in our genetics
to help people who we perceive as higher status. Right? It’s something because we think they’re
most likely going to be able to help us out somewhere down the road. So it’s worth that buck because
if I ever need something, he might give me 10 whereas this
other guy can’t give me anything. That’s how we’re wired. Whether
we want it to be true or not. That’s how humans are
wired at a base level. So what you’re doing when you’re
genuinely nice to people is you’re saying, I am high status. I can be that Nice. Look at low status people that you know, people that are just scraping to
get by. They don’t like their life. Are they nice to waiters? Are they
nice to people when they’re out? No. They take that as their chance to exert
because they’re paying and they’re tipping their one time to have
some authority over somebody else. So how can you demonstrate
that genuine, nicest. What does that even mean to be
genuinely nice to somebody? Well, to me it means if someone says hello, you
check into the hotel, it’s not, hello, how are you? It’s really looking them
in the eye and wondering how are they? Hey, how are you? Like a genuine question, very present and in the moment. That’s a big thing with
charisma is being present, but you need to take the time to make
the other person feel like you’re there with them. That’s the genuine component
because I can be super nice. Hey, how are you? I’m having a great
time at the hotel. It’s been, it’s been great versus how are
you, I’m having a great time. I appreciate the work
you guys are doing here. That is genuine simply because you’re
looking them in the eye and you’re showing that presence. You’re not thinking
about a lot of our things. People who are low status, their minds are always flooded with
all these crazy anxious thoughts. They can’t focus on anything. What
about this? Like I got to get here. I got to get here. A truly
competent and calm person, they’re able to be present. That’s
why meditation is so important. It pushes all those other thoughts
out of there, but you can be present. That’s another part of being perceived
as being genuine, so when you can go up, be present, be genuine and truly be nice, the other person will like you only want
to give you freebies because you are being nice, but more importantly you’re showing
you have very high status. Now, what’s the easiest way to show high
status in just a couple of words. I’ll tell you what, it’s not
pulling up in your Rolls Royce. It’s not having a fancy watch. It’s not
having a fancy bag. If you’re a lady, it’s the way that you speak,
the power of your voice. People can tell an unlimited
amount of things about your status. Just from hearing you speak.
Studies had been done about this. I’m actually working on another video
about that as well as study that just came out that shows within seven
words of hearing you speak, people can tell very accurately what a, what social status you are and what
a fluence you have. Isn’t that crazy? Seven words, not the watch, not the
Breitling you saved up for, man, I got bad news for you. It’s all your
voice and I just put out a new video. It’s a primer for the cornerstones
of how to have a powerful voice. I’ll put a link of it, a lick
of it, a link to it right here. You could click on it now and I’ll walk
you through those three cornerstones that you can apply immediately to get
those pipes really fire and strong.