The spacing between the doors is very
important. To aid with this, a tool has been installed on the unit behind the
louver grill. To locate the tool, remove the two screws that secure the grill in
place, remove the grill. Remove the pre-installed T spacer by
removing the two screws or undoing the zip tie. Please remember to put the
spacer back for future use. Check the spacing in between the doors with the T
spacer. Check both top and the bottom of the doors. If the T spacer fits too loose
or too tight, it’s important to note that the left door should be adjusted to
correct spacing. Before adjusting the left-hand hinges, we need to make sure
the right-hand hinges are tight. First — remove the screw holding the top hinge
covers in place. Use a Phillips screwdriver to check that the screws in
the top right hand bracket are tight. Make sure the bottom right hand hinge is
parallel with the side of the cabinet. Using a 3/8 inch socket wrench
make sure the bolts are tight. Once completed, loosen the two screws in the
rear of the top left hinge bracket. Using a 3/8 inch socket wrench, loosen the
bolts slightly in the bottom left of the hinge bracket. Insert T spacer between
the doors. Starting at the top hinge, gently tap the side of the hinge
brackets with the mallet to adjust the gap between the doors. Repeat the same
procedure at the bottom hinge. With the T still in place, apply
pressure to the left side of the left door. Tighten the screws in the top hinge
bracket and then in the bottom hinge bracket. Check to see that the T fits
snug between the doors — both top and bottom. The T should not be so tight
that it can’t be removed easily. If they are loose or too tight, repeat the
previous steps. Then remove the T. Reinstall the T back behind the grill
for future use.