hello I’m the NerdyExplorer Vegard Heyerdahl and
today I’m going to show you how to make cinematic black bars in Premiere Pro CC
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that Bell notification icon let’s get right into Premiere Pro CC so I got a
basic drone clip here from a city in Norway and I’m going to go to this new
item right here and we’re just going to have a
adjustment layer just click OK and you will have this in your medium the next
step is just to drag this clip over your existing clip and drag it all the way to
the end of the clip and you probably notice think nothing is happening right
now because this is a adjustment layer and we’re just going to put a crop
effect on this adolescent layer so we’re going to go to effects search for
corrupt and we’re also going just to drag that over to the adjustment layer
and still nothing is happening but if we go to the start of the clip and go to
effect controls you see down here we have this crop option left top right and
bottom and the right now we’re just going to create a simple static a
cinematic black bar and we’re just going to adjust the top and bottom layers so
if I just click this and put in 11.8% you can actually put in whatever you
want but I’m thinking 11.8% looks really good and right now you can see we have a
simple cinematic black bar that is over the whole clip so if you have multiple
Clips you can just drag the new clip onto the timeline and you can see on the
new clip there’s no cinematic black bars but you can just take the adjustment
layer and drag it over and you will also have the static black board there as
well but if you want to set up your game and have more dynamics in the matter
take care blackboard you can download a preset pack that I have up on myself eye
patch completely for free you pay if you want to this pack is available I have a
link in the description you can check out and I’m going to show you a little
bit about that now so in my preset pack here I have four different presets
I have 11.8% auto open I will just going to drag that over to my adjustment layer
and as you can see this is opening really smoothly so that is a nice effect
if you want to start up a clip right like that one of the other presets I
have is from 50% to 11.8% we will start off the cliff with totally blacked out
and as you play it in you will have opening of the static bars so as you can
see it’s really dynamic this way and please check out the link in the
description make sure to subscribe for more tutorials in the future and always
remember to explore inspire em live life stay nerdy guys