– Are you ready for some
housekeeping confessions? – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning. – Wanna hear a scary story? Shh, we wrote one. It comes out this fall. Be the first to read it by pre-ordering The Lose Causes of Bleak
Creek now at BleakCreek.com. – Yes, germs are like a mother’s love. You can’t see it but you know it’s there. – Oh. – And just like a mother’s
love you can’t get away from it even if you try!
– Oh, even if you travel to a far away hotel?
– Mm, yeah. – Hotel. ‘Cause I got news for ya,
hotel rooms are dirtier than you think but don’t
take our word for it ’cause today we’re all
gonna hear some confessions from housekeeping staff at various hotels. It’s time for ♪ Maids from the hotel gonna warn ya ♪ ♪ Such a filthy place ♪ ♪ Such a filthy place ♪ ♪ Such a filthy place ♪ – We are gonna be competing
against each other and at the top of each
round we’re gonna hear an actual confession from
an actual hotel housekeeper. – Ooh.
– And that actual confession may not may not be delivered dramatically by a Mythical team member. – Shh, some of the key
words are gonna be missing from that confession, however, and we have to write down those
words on our white boards. Points will increase each round. – And the loser will be joining
a local cleaning company for a day which will be
documented on Instagram. – Hmm.
– Let’s take a look at the first confession. This one is from an
anonymous maid who wrote this confession on the Whisper app. – [Ellie I work at a hotel
and I strongly recommend to always bring your own blank. We never wash the blank. – Oh. (Link mutters) Never was the blank.
– Are both blanks the same? – No, no clarifying
questions but I think so. (chuckles) – Okay but I’m still gonna write it twice. – Of course.
– What do they never wash at the hotel? This, I didn’t wanna do this episode ’cause I wanna still be
able to go to hotels. – That’s okay, you just
bring your own (gasps). (Link gasps) – Okay, all right, I thought
a lot about this thing. – I don’t know if you can wash this thing. – Already.
– But this is what I’m writing so I have my answer. – And I have mine. You go first. – I was gonna say always
bring your own pillow. We never wash the pillow. – Oh really, but they
wash the pillow case, man. – But the pillow, you know about pillows and how much crap they harbor. – Oh, that could be right
but I said coffee pot. We never wash the coffee pot. ‘Cause what do they got,
dish detergent in there? There’s just a sink in the
bathroom I guess they could use. – Okay.
– I was gonna say there’s no sink either. Not in the hotel rooms I go to. – What is the real answer? – The correct answer is–
– It’s Ellie. – Oh, what’s up?
(crew laughs) It’s pillow. They never wash the pillows which and I’ll say that I didn’t
know you could wash pillows. – What?
– Yeah I didn’t know you could wash pillows either but– – The pillow case, that’s
like the flimsy cotton that– – You can replace pillows.
– Yeah. – The fact is is that the
slobber and the head liquids of all the people who’ve
stayed at a hotel before you go into the pillow and
then you just absorb it back into your head and
then your head liquids go into another pillow. – And the pillows suck anyway
so that’s the second reason I’m bringing my own pillow from now on. – Okay what’s the next one? – Okay next up, this
one’s from Jacob Tomsky, a former hotel housekeeper
who wrote a tell-all book about the secrets of the hotel business. – [Matt] So some housekeepers
will wash the glasses in the sink with hot water and blank. But many of them use blank because it leaves the glasses spot-free. – So sounds like the first part is like, this is what you would expect. – Hot water–
– But no, hmm. – Hmm.
– Right? Hmm, I don’t really have
a better guess than this. Seems horrible though. I’ll go first this time. – Okay go ahead. – They wash them with hot water and soap but many of them use spit because it leaves the glasses spot-free. – You think spit leaves glasses spot-free? – I mean yeah. – I also said soap but I also said Windex. ‘Cause Windex leaves windows spot-free and they have window cleaner. – That’s a better answer than spit. – Let’s find out. – Hey.
– Oh it’s Matt. – Hi I’m new. So some housekeepers will wash the glasses in the sink with hot water and shampoo, but many of them use furniture polish because it leaves the glasses spot-free. – Okay now Matt, you
got a decision to make. First of all, you need to just say what you think about this
’cause this sounds horrible. – Well first of all, I do think that spit would also leave the glasses spot-free. – Then I don’t wanna hear what you think. – It’s called a spit shine,
people do it all the time. You can wash your windows–
– Spit is way closer to polish than Windex–
– Spit shine. – That’s all I gotta say.
– Okay. – At the same time, Windex
is also a cleaning fluid that you would use usually
not for drinking out of and for windows instead so
I gotta give it to Link. – Oh, come on!
– I’m sorry. I’m sorry. – And I’m gonna be spit shinin’
your shoes later. (chuckles) – That’s how this works. – Yeah I bribed him. All right what’s the next one? – Okay. Next up we have a maid–
– Shampoo, first of all, washing your cups with
shampoo is also crazy. – Not really that gross.
– Weird. – We have a maid from a
five-star hotel in Orlando. – [Emily] A colleague was so
angry about a rude comment made to them that they cleaned
the blank with a blank and left it on the blank
for the guest to use. – So they were mad at the
guest that was staying in a particular room, yes. – Man this is some twisted stuff. Now don’t go general, you
gotta be specific, man, you gotta go for the gusto. – Why are you saying that to me, like I’m not going specific? This is very specific. – Okay, I’m ready.
– Go ahead. – I said they cleaned the
toilet with a wash cloth and left it on the rack
for the guest to use. – Oh that’s a really good answer. I misunderstood the question. (chuckles) (crew laughs) – What? – Because I thought the
thing that they cleaned was the thing they left
out ’cause I said– – Maybe it is.
– Cup with a toilet brush and left it on the counter. – Oh.
– But I think you’re closer to the answer.
– Toilet brush. What’s the answer? – A colleague was so angry
about a rude comment made to them that they cleaned
the bathroom floor with a towel and left it on
the rack for the guest to use. – Oh well that’s fine compared
to what we were thinking. – [Emily] Yeah. – Well but you were pretty much– – Pretty tame.
– You’re basically in the right area, I
mean you just said toilet instead of bathroom but
obviously that is a better answer than cup, toilet brush, and counter. – Yeah.
– Wouldn’t you agree, Emily? – Yeah it’s a nice rack there, Link. – Yeah.
– You nailed it. – Spelled correctly and everything. – [Emily] That was the correct
word, I gotta give it to Link because he got an exact
correct word at least out of three right.
– Spelled it correctly, that’s it.
(Rhett sighs) – Okay what’s the next one? – Oh I got it over here, okay. According to my card, next
up is Reddit user Roslagyn. We’re just giving away
the name of the person. Okay Roslagyn on Reddit, y’all. – [Christine] Use a towel or
sheet on the chairs or sofa. A lot of people blank. It’s nasty but there is often
a blank on the desk chair that no one thinks about. (Rhett chuckles) – Use a towel or sheet
on the chairs or sofa ’cause a lot of people blank. That just one blank right there? – [Christine] The first
blank is a few words. – Oh. What are, you’re erasing, huh? – Well ’cause I had one word. – All right since I got this one right, I think you should go first. – I will originally say that– – You will originally say. – I will say that I
was originally thinking that the answer to the
first blank was leak. But then I was told that it was– – A lot of people leak.
– But I was (chuckles), I was told–
– Ugh. – That it was a phrase. So I said a lot of people
make sweet, sweet love on it. – Mm-hmm.
– And it’s nasty but there is often a
cushion on the desk chair that no one think about. – Oh so they’re just
suggesting another place to make sweet, sweet love? – No.
– Because there’s a cushion on the chair? – I don’t really understand. I’m saying yes–
– Don’t be ashamed. Just leave it out there. – There’s a cushion on the desk chair that no one thinks about. – All right mine, mine was similar. I just think a lot of
people lounge around naked. It’s nasty but there is
often a butt cheek imprint or just butt imprint on the desk chair that no one think about. – So use a towel or sheet
on the chairs or sofa. A lot of people sit on them naked. – Well you gotta be–
– It’s nasty– – Naked to make love.
(Christine chuckles) – No you don’t.
(Rhett laughs) – It’s nasty but there
is often a brown streak on the desk chair that
no one thinks about. – Ew, brown streak! So I got half that right. – You got half of that right because– – Well it doesn’t matter
’cause you got it. – Butt cheek is pretty close
to brown streak too though. – You’re more right than me
so you get all the points. – Brown streak that no one–
– Wow I’m getting crushed. – Oh man now I gotta start
lookin’ for brown streaks when I’m lounging around naked. – Okay here we go. – Oh gosh. – Okay here’s the next one. It’s a hotel maid who left
an anonymous tip on Whisper. – [Will] I’m a hotel maid. (Rhett chuckles) I sometimes blank in
the blank by the sink, dry them, and leave them there. (chuckles wickedly) (giggling) – Wild card. He’s a wild card. – Okay, all right, okay. Mm-hmm ha ha ha, I think I might have it. – Grammatically I can’t
make sense of this. – Well I sometimes blank
in the blank by the sink. Dry them, leave them there, what’s that? Mm, what’s not grammatical–
– Dry them. – About blank in the blank?
– But they’re something that can be dry, so, in the towels. – Something that can be dried, hmm. – So it has to be a towel. A blank in the towel, oh gosh. – Just go with your gut, man. Just go with your gut,
you’re so far in the lead. You can’t really lose. – All right you go first
if you think it’s right. – I think that hotel maid, again, I’m comin’ back with my spit answer. They spit in the cups
by the sink, dry them, and leave them there. – Oh, a spit shine.
– Yeah. I want somebody to spit in a cup basically is what I’m saying. – I put I’m a hotel maid,
I sometimes you know what in the towel by the sink, dry
them, and leave them there. – I don’t know what, what? – In the towels, I put towels. – Hold on what do they do–
– You know what they do in the towels. (crew laughing) – What’s the real answer? – I’m a hotel maid. I sometimes piss in the
glasses by the sink, dry them and leave them there. – What?
– Okay. Well I got a bodily
fluid and the cups so– – You gonna give it to him? – Spit, piss, what’s the difference? (Rhett laughs) Gotta give it to Rhett.
– Exactly, woo! – Oh I’m actually glad that
you got that one right. – Oh actually it’s any
man’s game at this point ’cause I got that one right. What’s the last one? – Can’t use the cups. Don’t use the cups, don’t use the pillows. Don’t even go to a hotel. – Why you gotta pee in the cups? – All right, the last confession is from another anonymous source on Whisper. – [Jordan] About a year ago
I was working at a hotel. I was cleaning a lady’s room
and I stole a blank she owned. To this day I still have it and wear it. – Yeah that wasn’t weird at all. Cleaning a lady’s room and stole a blank. – Wow I mean ladies can
wear lots of things. – They put this one last. – Which makes me think that the answer that I immediately have
is not sensational enough. – It’s not gonna be like a hat. – Right, yeah. – Or is it? – I don’t know, are they throwing us off? I should be more creative
than this but I’m not. – Since you’re not creative,
what is your answer? – I just said necklace, man. – Oh you just copped
out with necklace, man. I think he stole a brassiere– – Oh gosh.
– He wears it to this day. – That’s it, man. That’s it, Link. – About a year, I’m
digitally altering my voice so this person remains anonymous. – You gotta keep doing it. – About a year ago I
was working at a hotel. I was cleaning a lady’s room and I stole a G-string she owned. (Rhett laughs) To this day I still have it and wear it. – Well a G-string. – All right what do you think Jordan? – You get to decide.
– It is underwear. – Yeah I mean I think
Link gets the closest ’cause his is undies–
– Well but you can make a necklace into a G-string, trust me. (Jordan laughs) – All right, I dare you. (laughing) Do it and you get the point. Someone throw Rhett a necklace and if he puts it up his
butt, he gets the points. – I’m fine with that, actually. – [Jordan] Do it! (laughs) – Fine with that. I guess I don’t have to be
on Instagram along with you, cleaning some sort of, I don’t know, you’re going on a cleaning mission.
– I’m joining a local cleaning crew. It’s gonna be documented on our Instagram. – That’s right, I won but I’m traumatized. But I think knowledge is power. I’m just never going anywhere ever again. – Good, thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Chris from Waite Park, Minnesota. And I’m in the basement of
the haunted Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Center and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Did he make it out alive? – Who knows. Video did though.
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