How Superman Should Have Ended The other one? There are two of them? Yes Superman, double jeopardy. Even you, with your great speed couldn’t stop both of them. While I on the other hand
could stop them with my detonator. Wait what did you say about me? I said, even with your great speed you couldn’t stop all of them. Yeah that’s the part. While I with my detonator.. Hang on just one second.. These missiles? Holy crap!! Are these the missiles you were talking about, Lex? Yes What? Yes. I said those are the ones. I mean I flew around the Earth a few times but these are the only giant missiles I could find. But you said I couldn’t possibly catch ’em both so these must not be the ones you were talking about.. Yes, those are the ones. Alright, you win. Please, just get them out of here. You diseased maniac! So then what’d you do? Oh, the usual… Made sure they put Luther away.. Made out with Lois for a little bit… Flew out into space, smiled for the camera. Sweet. Yeah. You know what else? Turns out Luther had this chunk of Kryptonite that would have totally ruined me if he would have just whipped it out.. Really? Yeah but for some reason instead
he just told me his evil plan first and then tried to trick me into finding the
Kryptonite myself. What’s up with that? Villains are stupid. I know, right? You know what I would’ve done? I would’ve thrown a Bat-a-rang at him. then tied him up. And what about the missiles? Oh I would have some kind of Bat-missile defense gadget on my belt Sure.. It would’t be a problem. Dude.. I would. Come on. You use that utility belt scenario for every
situation What’s wrong with my utility belt? Oh nothing. Nothing’s wrong with it. Just uh, whenever you get a uh.. “Fly so fast it reverses time itself”
gadget on your belt… let me know. I’m Batman. I know you are. It’s what I do. I know, you say that A LOT. I carry things on my belt, ’cause I’m Batman. Dude, its cool.