Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. If this is your first time here and you would like to know more details about life in Dubai Don’t forget the click the subscribe button and notification icon, so you won’t miss anything Many of you have been asking me about how to move to Dubai, how to find a job here So today I have a friend with me Polina, she works in the hospitality and she will share her experience and knowledge about how to find a job in Dubai. Hi guys, Hi Oksy So tell us why you moved to Dubai To be honest it’s difficult to say because it’s been 5 years that I’m in Dubai now I’ve been always traveling. Before I’ve been living in the USA, before coming to Dubai, for almost 2 years. on work exchange program and then I stayed later Then I came back, I think I was getting bored and then yeah I just started to look at Dubai I think it started to pop out somewhere online, in social media and it seems to be so cosmopolitan, so nice, so bright So I got really curious and that then I just applied and it came very quickly I think within two weeks I got my visa, I got my tickets Did you apply through the agency or how did you find the job? At that time we had a company I’m not sure if they’re still there in Ukraine Good Jobs They were the one who were recruiting everybody to work for hospitality, to come to the UAE, to come to Dubai I saw the application I think in Facebook or Vkontakte I reached to them and they were recruiting for Emaar which I really wanted to go because I knew they were the guys who built Burj Khalifa and the fountain, so it was really exciting and yeah so I applied and they invited me to go for the interview and we had the whole day of the interviews with questions and tasks and that’s it, I passed the interview and on the spot I signed the contract then they sent to me actually it was my birthday and I was sitting with my friends and they called me directly your visa is ready, tickets are ready. So I was ok guys I have a surprise for you. I’m going to Dubai. And that’s it, I went straight…very quick So what was your first job and what do yo you do now? so basically when they just recruited me, I came to work for one of the hotels here in Dubai which was the Address Downtown hotel and because of lack of experience not been before much in hospitality I was recruited in the operations basically as a front office guest relations agent then I moved on the same sphere you know in the club lounge as a guest relations manager and afterwards I moved to sales department where I am at the moment. What was your biggest challenge when you moved here? I think for people who want to come here they have to realize that everybody here comes with a purpose to work and build a career so there is a lot of competition everybody moves really quickly you have to work a lot as well so you have to realize that you will have to spend a lot of time working then of course when you first come you need to settle down you feel that you miss your home you miss your family so that’s why you have to adjust as well when I first came here I had to share the accommodation so for me who never shared it with anybody before that was a challenge How many people did you have in your apartment? Just only with one person, but still I mean you have to get to know customs I think my first roommate she was from Nepal or Thailand So it was a complete difference there was a huge challenge but this is also something I think that motivates you to grow in your career because I was okay I don’t want to share anymore so I need to find a job that will allow me to live by myself independently so that was the difficulties you know to find yourself to find friends to make yourself comfortable and home What are the main requirements and skills people should have to get a job the front office or sales? To be honest it’s very important to have good communication skills when you have good communication skills, when you know the language, you can speak the language well that means a lot and then I think you also have to be a very open-minded and you have to be people’s person because in the hospitality you always have to deal with people you always have to be open you have to be approachable And professional skills those can be learnt within time because for me I don’t have any background in hospitality and now I have the same position and title that my friends and colleagues have with hospitality background I think as long as you’re willing to learn It’s more about personal skills Yeah, it’s more about personality because you work with people on a daily basis of course it’s a bit different in sales because there you have to be more aggressive when it comes to your targets so there is a bit different than in operations, but still it’s mainly about the people you have to ensure that your clients come back to you and they are happy Do you have any idea about what is the best way to find a job in the hospitality through the website, through Linkedin? These days a lot of people use Linkedin especially in hospitality this is where you get all of the updates this is where you talk to people in hospitality from other hotels or any other spheres and people take it really seriously if you have your updated CV on Linkedin people will approach you they will send you messages and you can always apply through Linkedin as well that’s a very good option because websites or direct emails you know sometimes maybe if you have the direct email but you sent it to HR maybe it will not reach, maybe they will not open it but I think in this case Linkedin is the best way unless you have somebody who you know then the referral is always better By the way I forgot to ask you, how long have you been in Dubai? So now it’s been 5 years Do you miss home? Do you have home sickness? I do miss my family of course with the friends but now it’s been already 5 years I have a lot more of a home here as well in the beginning it was a bit more difficult that’s when you miss a lot but again because I’ve always been traveling a lot for me it was easier I have friends of mine who were really really home sick, because of that they wanted to leave the country For me it was never the point when I wanted to pack my things and leave Dubai because I’m so homesick But of course you miss your family, that’s why you try to travel a lot, invite them here Dubai is considered as a transit city, people come here, they earn money and they leave they travel somewhere else or they go back home. So what are your plans? I think everybody in Dubai hates this question, because nobody knows the answer I have no idea at the moment because you know Dubai is just a very happy place if you look from a lot of perspectives you have really good benefits, it’s very safe it’s very cosmopolitan you have people from all of the religions and colors, nationalities living happily together it’s a great experience, it’s a great location as well we are like five hours away from Europe, from Asia, getting visas is relatively very easy from that point it’s perfect and if you love the warm weather it’s great as well but eventually everybody moves out from Dubai I think it just a matter of time but I’ve been thinking of that as well to move maybe back to the USA, maybe Australia or Canada but then I’m concerned that it’s too far, there are taxes and it’s cold so this question is still open for me I’m not planning to go anywhere very soon still here but most probably it will be more into European side, I might be going to Moscow so far it’s a question mark As far as I know if you work in the hospitality you have a package in addition to your salary Can you give us an idea about this package? I think it’s very convenient especially when you’re just your first year in Dubai because it makes you very secure, you don’t have to worry about your bills, about your transportation so most of the hospitality companies provide you with the accommodation and then it depends on your position what kind of accommodation you have then they do provide you with the transportation when you’re on operations they usually have the bus that takes the employees from door to door when you get your car they have an allowance so basically they cover my expenses on the car you have restaurants and cafeterias where you can eat you don’t pay your bills for the consumption of the electricity and so on so like this it’s very safe especially when you just came and you don’t know how this works you don’t have to worry so guys when you work in the hospitality you have free accommodation, transportation, even free lunch, dinner so the salary you get is all yours you don’t need to spend it on your apartment and transportation and still have some money to save So to finilize everything what advice
you can give to those who are afraid to move to Dubai or who are afraid to change
their life and start a new career in this city I think you always have to get out of your comfort zone, because nothing ever grows inside your comfort zone and
you have to be a little bit adventurous sometimes you just have to take the
risks I mean you would never know the outcome people might come to Dubai and
fall in love, stay for 3-5 years they might come and leave within the next
six months if you don’t get comfortable because everyone has their own places
but I think that for sure you should give it a try you can always come back
home so you don’t lose anything at all but not trying you might lose some of the opportunities you know meet some great people have an amazing experience
workwise traveling and just experiencing this really great city so I think you should be just brave and don’t be afraid to risk. Dubai is extremely safe, it’s very friendly, it’s very open-minded, it’s so much different than any other places so that’s why there are so many
cultures and people from so many countries I think it is very important to build a network as well you shouldn’t sit at home and wait for the opportunities you should go out speak to people and find opportunities
outside Dubai is relatively small and everybody knows everyone but it’s all about helping each other so yeah it’s all about the connections so you have to be curious and as imagine you have to be
open-minded so don’t wait for the opportunities to come and find you, you have to go search for them yourself Thank you very much Polina. So guys I hope you got an idea about the job in the hospitality in Dubai so if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below if you have any questions to Polina leave them in the comments below as well Thank you for watching, I will see you in the next video. bye bye