How much does commercial bar design really cost? In this video you’re going to learn all about how commercial bars are planned and designed and all the available service packages. Coming up! Hey Rick again from Bar Designers, where I share my own ideas and tips on bar design, draft beer system design and product reviews. If you’re new, here please consider subscribing and check out the
show notes and affiliate links in the YouTube description below. Now let’s jump into the show! Today I’m going to answer the question ‘How much is my bar design really going to cost?’ There are many factors that differentiate the cost to
design any given bar. My goal in this video is to explain our general pricing
guidelines for professional bar design. Commercial bar design can encompass many
subtle and complex features that many may not notice or even understand. There
are several things we need to know in order to get started: What will be the
shape of your new bar? Will your a bar be L-shaped, rectangular, oval, curved or
circular? Will your new bar be a free-standing island bar or will it be
installed against a wall, and lastly, for your new bar have a draft beer system? At the publication date of this video, we offer four types of bar design services.
The first service is ‘Bar Consulting’, which was covered in a previous video. The
second service is ‘Bar Equipment Design’, the third is ‘Standard Bar Design’ and
lastly we have ‘Luxury Bar Design’. First, we have our ‘Bar Equipment Design’
service; this service is geared for the do-it-yourself crowd that wants to
complete their own bar, but is in need of expertise to help them complete the 2d
aspect of their bar layout – that is, from the bar top-down. For instance, if you’re
merely stuck on the bar equipment itself we’ll provide you with a basic bar
equipment plan and equipment schedule as shown here in an architectural plan
and PDF drawn to scale. We can also provide you with the following optional
services: 1). fine-tune your bar layout, with recommendations for POS equipment and
draft beer tower locations. Pricing ranges between $200 and $300;
2). next, we can create plans for the construction of the bar base and bar
tops; pricing for this option ranges between $500 and $750; 3). we can
provide details for one built-in ADA accommodation; pricing ranges between $200
and $300 dollars. Pricing for our ‘Bar Equipment Design service starts at $1000 for a standard 2-station bar and it typically ranges to $2,500, but could
be greater depending on selected options. Our ‘Standard Bar Design’ service offers a
fully engineered bar plan and is geared primarily for smaller venues looking for
a value solution. We’ll create a bar design for a 2-station bar that includes
the following: a set of plans for construction, including section views,
elevations and details; next, one (1) built in ADA accommodation; next, develop the bar
facade; we also provide the footrest design; we also provide you with a simple
back bar plan with the TV equipment recommendations and locations; next, we
have the bar top plan; we also provide you with a bar framing plan for a
stick-built bars; we also provide the bar equipment plan itself, all the
construction details, full equipment schedule and manufacturer’s specification
sheets, and lastly we solicit pricing for the bar equipment. Pricing for the
above is $3,000 however most of our standard bar designs range from $3,000 to
$8,000 dollars; island bars and other options are extra and are listed later. Next is our ‘Luxury Bar Design service. If you own a hotel or a luxury restaurant
and desire a luxurious, high-end bar, we can certainly fulfill your needs! Our
luxury bar designs are geared for larger, more exclusive
venues. They are differentiated primarily by size, detail and finish and will
generally encompass many of the following options: first item is Draft
Beer System Design: pricing ranges from $1,000 to $1,500; item 2). Island
Bar upgrade: pricing ranges from $1,000 to $1,500; item 3). Custom Back Bar Design, from
iron, architectural metal or architectural glass: pricing ranges from
$1,000 to $2,500; next, 4). we have Custom Perimeter Soffits: prices range from
$1,000 to $2,500; next, 5). we have Custom Soffits for built-in TV’s, which is a
typical detail for Starwood Hotels pricing rages from $1,000 to $2,000; next 6). is the Modular Bar Die, which is a system of pre-manufactured
frames to which the bar equipment is welded at the factory: pricing ranges
from $800 to $1500; next, 7). we have curved, oval and circular bars: pricing for this
design service ranges between $2,000 and $3,500; next, 8). we have Custom POS Station Design: prices range between $300 and $600;
next, 9). we have Backlit Bar Tops: the price to design this ranges from $500 to $1,000; 10).
Built-In USB Phone Chargers are a popular feature nowadays: price to design
this feature ranges from $300 to $600; next, 11). we have Counterbalance Lift
Gates: the price to design these ranges between $300 and $600; 12). we can also
design Roll-Up Secured Liquor Cages: the price for this design service ranges
between $1,500 and $2,500 dollars; next, we have Draft Beer Walls, which require an
additional amount of architectural detail as I covered in an earlier video;
the price to design this feature ranges between $500 and $1,000. Pricing
for our ‘Luxury Bar Design service typically ranges from $8,000 to $18,000, but could be greater, depending on
options. If you’d like more information about bar equipment costs, bar construction costs, draft beer systems – that sort of thing, then
please check out this YouTube video series I created just for you on the
cost of opening bars and restaurants – it has a ton of related information. See you next time!